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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker Clem started her sophomore year with a blast but ended it on a very sour note. Now, her family is trying to figure out what happened to the old Clem and they think that family time is all that she needs. Now, Clem and her family set sail for the summer. Others may be thrilled with this but definitely not her. She isn’t thrilled to be away from home and friends, but then, her friends aren’t exactly begging her to stay with them. But when a red-headed cute guy takes notice of her - and seems to see within her - she does her very best to push him away to avoid doing what she have done before.

I’ve been meaning to read this book since I first saw its cute summer-sailing cover and I’m happy to say, my long wait for this is definitely worth it. The story was presented in a very cliff-hanger type wherein we really don’t know what happened or what caused Clem to act like that, but we get teeny-tiny bits of it in alternating chapters between the present time and the past view of her sophomore life.

Clementine's character is full of shame and regret and I could feel it throughout the story. She's one of those characters that I wanted to give a hug and just console her. It easy understand how she's feeling, how it felt when you fall for a guy which is your best friend’s boyfriend and you end up losing both of them and all the people around you looking at you like you’re some kind of a criminal. It would definitely feel like the end of the world because in some way it really is. It’s the end of a big part of her life - her first love - and it could really be difficult. But after awhile, I think Clem was ready to let it go. The nice thing about this is the support of her family. They’re all patient with her moving on status and they’re very understanding despite what she has done. In all, watching Clem come in terms with her mistakes and realizing what she has done wrong and seeing what is really real is the happiest part of the story. I loved how she overcomes all of it and how she looks hopeful and wiser for the things that are coming for the future.

At first, I have to admit I really liked Ethan. On his first few appearances on the story, I still can't see him doing something bad or stuff. I thought he really had a thing with Clem since they have a lot of things in common and they easily go with each other; they really have that certain connection. But as I got closer to finding out what really happened, I just started to hate him. Ugh. He's just a complete jerk. That’s all.

Then here come James, the red-headed cute boy who sees the real Clem and thought her what is really real. He is what Clem really needed at that very moment. He's very sweet and adorable and cuddly. His character lightens up everything and everyone on the story. James and Clem’s banter with each other was pretty sweet and it simply makes me smile.

A charming and relatable story. Though it touches real teenage issues and family stuffs. It’s not that heavy. In fact it was pretty easy to read and light and simply good. The whole story was like Clem's diary for me, which makes the reading easier. Everything just works and mixed well. The characters, the setting and every emotion will get you hooked up. Fun summer afternoon read!

PS. I can’t actually end this review without giving you all something funny to look forward on it. I know this might seem kinda corny for some, but hey, the boat names mentioned on this book really makes me giggle and laugh so hard and here are some ‘Nauti Girl’, 'Knot Tonight' ‘Knotty Boy’, or 'Frayed Knot'. 'kay Enough of my hilariousness. :P