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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Body & Soul - Stacey Kade “It’s called a near-death experience. You should try it sometime,” I said sweetly. “Maybe without the ‘near.’”

It's been a month over now since Will and Alona faced The Order. After making a split-second decision that seems to change everything and in order to save Lily Turner, Will's former best friend, Alona decided to inhabit Lily's comatose body and now she's been living as her for a month. Though the body is not that good as her original one, Alona faced another set of trials, she's miserably failing to play Lily's responsibilities like playing the sister and daughter of people she barely knows. Added to this is the growing doubt she have with Will - the boy she continuously hates to care about- because she thinks that he somehow wishes that the real Lily was back instead of her inhabiting the body.

On their quest to find a solution to this problem, they run into an even playful and determined ghost who is willing to do anything to achieve a second chance at life. Now, on their journey to free Alona and save Lily's body from the one who wants to take over, will they lose their chance at happy ever after now that they can't imagine living without each other?


The final book to The Ghost & The Goth Trilogy! Gosh. I think I might cry. I'm always getting emotional when things ends. But, upon acquiring a copy of it I can't help but jump with joy and excitement! I'm pretty much hyped to see how this would end and at the same time excited on how Will and Alona face the gap between their entities.

I'm gonna start this review with my Cover Impression of it. I actually think a lot of thought upon seeing its cover. The whole Light captured on the cover kinda freaked me out making me think that both our lead characters would actually go to the light and then they would live happily ever after on the after life. Yes, I do love happy endings, but on this series, I think it would be better if the happy ending for these two would be on the real life and not the after life. It's a pretty cool cover giving you a lot of impressions. My ideas on the cover was relatively wrong! ;)

Alona Dare was still bitchy and fun to read. Her thoughts are still very witty and unique, the main reason I loved her since I started reading this series. Though being trapped in a body that was not her own was one tough job, she still did her best to cope up with things. I really liked how she dealt with Lily's family. She treated them like her own. Will Killian. I'm droolingly in love with you. Though I'm not really a great fan of goth people, Will has a certain thing that makes me love him more and more and more. He is one great guy. Willing to help people who are in need even they did bad things to him long before. I like how he tries to control his feeling for Alona here. He's a sweet and caring guy and there's nothing more to say at that.

The continuous banter between these two throughout the book was very much adorable. These two seemingly incompatible individuals brings out the best on each other. I'm literally fan girling about this two. They're one of my favorite YA characters ever. They now belong to my OTP list. :)

Two new characters emerges from this book, they're Edmund and Erin. They are twins but one of them is already dead. The story between this two plays a big part to the plot of this book, but the story behind them was one touching one and though the ghost was really annoying and such, I still like it though.

One thing I noticed missing on this one is the presence of the group The Order, because on the second book, it was the highlight of it so I'm thinking that it would still play a part on this one. But even though the group was not presented here, I never did seem to mind it since the story of this one was strongly built already even without them.

Body & Soul is a very satisfying conclusion to this awesome series. It is fast paced and very much enjoyable. I'm really really happy on how this one ended although I'm wishing it didn't have to end so soon. I'm really going to miss Alona and Will and I really do want to see more of them. I'm getting emotional again over it.

I strongly recommend it for everyone who haven;t read the series yet. A big blast of read!