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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Island Girls (and Boys) - Rachel Hawthorne "A word of advice. Campers never stay long, no matter how cute they are we don't need any broken hearts over the summer"


Fun Summery read! Rachel Hawthorne still has her own magic on this one. I've read almost all of her books and as far as those readings are concern, I loved them all. Her stories may not really happen in real life but hey if anyone could live up on them, I'm pretty sure all the girls and even boys would want to experience it. Hawthorne's books are all very easy, light and fun to read and this one is no exception to that, well except for the little unclear stint for me at the end and I'll get to that later.

Fresh out from High School and before heading to the real world of college 3 BFF's Jen, Amy & Chelsea plan to spend their last summer together on a remote island living on Jen's grandparents house. They plan to work and hang out as much as they can. Only that Jen doesn’t expect and count on the sudden appearance of Chelsea's boyfriend. She doesn’t count on Amy's passion for taking stray things -dogs, cats and boys but lastly she doesn’t expect on meeting a guy with eyes the color of a deep ocean...

As per typical of reading any Rachel Hawthorne novel, I just can’t put it down. I got so caught up again on the story and the characters and everything. Jen, Amy & Chelsea are BFF'S and though they're friends for such a long time now, they're still different from one another. Jen is the kind that wants to take charge of everything, she may seem to be kind of bossy at times but she just wants to take everything in order and don’t want any changes or sort and as I'm reading this I could see myself at Jen being all OC and wants to take charge and all. Amy is the mediator of the threesome. She's always on the middle on Jen and Chelsea's tiny squabbles. She has a tender heart and brings all types of strays which I find really funny. She takes cats, dogs and even guys! haha. Lastly Chelsea, the drama queen of the group Oh, and I mean it on a nice way. She may seem to be annoying and may act childish at times she's just being honest on who she really is. She's witty and very much loving.

It’s a summer of friendship and Independence and saving up money for college until Jen met Dylan. Dylan is just a passerby only looking to have a goodtime before he goes off into the army and unexpected things happen between him and Jen. And here comes the little stint at the end that I’m talking about. Though the story might end on a nice note with them being together I'm still rooting for more. As I'm nearing the last page of this book, I'm keeping my hopes up for it to have an Epilogue. I wanted to see what happened after their summer together would they still continue their relationship? Would they still see each other? Or is it just another summer fling for both of them knowing it really isn’t like that? Well, so much more question for me and it seems it may not have any answers to it. But still I enjoyed this story. It’s nice to see that each one of them learned a very valuable lesson during their time spent together. They all learn that living together is not easy as they expected it to be and it’s not really that easy to live and stand on your own and I'm glad that they withstand all of that.

A terrific summer book. The pace and characters will keep you tuning the pages endlessly. :)