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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
First Date - Krista McGee Let me start this by saying that this greatly remind me of the The Bacheloror more likely a teen version of it, wherein the girls compete in all different kinds of competition from talent to intellectual. I've had this book for quite awhile now and didn't find the time to read it until the last few days ago.

Addy Davidson may be the last girl in the world who wants to star on a reality show to win a date from the president’s son. She has more important things to do such as focusing on her studies so she can get a scholarship on an Ivy League college. She didn't even audition for it but she got selected anyway. But being a Christian, she still goes to it anyway thinking that God must have a plan to her. She ends up learning more about herself and her family and her faith in God than she ever imagined.

A squeaky-clean read! I've never read a book cleaner than this, I mean no hugging or kissing or other stuffs related to that. It’s very refreshing and nice. I've also read from some reviews that this story was based on some bible story of a woman named Ester and since I'm not really aware of the story about her I should better leave it out. So, it was a very simple yet so romantic story about how true love can blossom.

Addy was a very shy person since the beginning. She doesn’t really want to get out of her own box and preferred to just do things according to her plans. She doesn’t want to be on the spotlight; she prefers to fade on the back. She comes from a Christian family, since her parents are missionaries. She's a real Christian teen. Though she's unhappy and tends to be sarcastic about the situation she's been put through she still goes to it anyway realizing that God may put there for some reason. Her friend from the competition Kara is a great supporting character. She is a very vibrant and happy character and she definitely adds up more humor to the drama of their reality show.

First Date presented to us a reality show plot and I think it really did a great job depicting the behind the scenes part of it. From the ways some of the girls try to sabotage one another to the part where they only care about being famous its fun to watch or I mean read them. We also see here how hard it is for Addy, a Christian teen to represent God and share His love to such environment. The storyline is not fast or slow it’s on a good and moderate pace and it’s really not always predictable.

Fun and very inspiring story. A good mix of reality TV, YA and teen Christian. And catch up its sequel Starring Me which is about Kara, Addy's friend. :)

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and Net Galley for providing a copy for review.