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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) - Abbi Glines Who wasn't excited for the sequel of The Vincent Boys? I'm pretty much sure that all those who've read The Vincent boys is looking forward for its sequel, The Vincent Brothers and ever since reading the first book I can't get but feel hyped up and excited about what's going to happen next. I literally swoon with Beau and Sawyer on the first book and now with this I’m just more hyped up!! I was happy to know that both of them would get their own dose of happy ending.

The story kicks off right where the first book ends. But instead of being all about Beau and Ashton, this one is Sawyer and Lana's story.

The story picks up months after Ashton and Sawyer broke up and he gave his blessing to her to be with Beau, only that he finds it hard to move on than he anticipated. Lana was Ashton’s cousin. She's spending the summer with Ashton with Sawyer as the main reason. But then, the Lana a few months ago isn’t the same Lana as she is now. The prim and proper and reserved Lana was now turned into a smoking hot girl who didn't go unnoticed on the eye of Sawyer and the other guys on the story.

In my own feel, the Sawyer Vincent on the first book was not the same Sawyer Vincent on this book. There are changes on him that can be quite irritating but still adorable and hot. He could be a jerk at times, but he is very repentant afterwards and it was nice seeing him being sincere and emotional with his apology. It makes my knees go weak, thinking that I would surely forgive him after asking for forgiveness in such way. Granted that I would always prefer Beau over Sawyer, but then seeing another side of him on this story opens up other ideas about him for me. There is more than to him than meets the eye.

Lana, on the other hand is one nice girl. I really liked her a lot. We get the impression on the first book that she may have some underlying feelings for Sawyer, but she’s just always timid and just standing at the back of Ashton. Though she may come on too strong at some time, still she remains who she really is. Even though she’s going through a lot during that time, I liked that she easily forgive people, (which is really a very tough thing to do) but still stand to her own ground and own beliefs of things. I absolutely loved the idea that she decided to step out of her shell here and go after what she wanted, which is really not in her personality. I also liked her confidence to not let anyone, even Sawyer just simply walk over her and ruin something for her. She really is what Sawyer needed and I think she's really perfectly suited for him.

Lana and Sawyer's chemistry on this one was pretty irresistible. The clash between them was pretty much anticipating to see. There are some very very very hot scenes that left me gaping because I was not really expecting such things to happen.

Beau and Ashton are still on this one and it was nice seeing them together. It still makes me smile and all that. The protectiveness of Beau over Ashton was very sweet. I really liked the idea of them being together despite everything they’ve been through.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I just so happy to read it. In fact' I find myself re-reading and reminiscing those sweet and swooning parts of it. And Gosh! The ending/Epilogue of the story! Words?! It left me feeling completely satisfied and happy and still swooning. I 'm pretty much contented on how this series went, the author really tied up the Vincent Brother’s tales beautifully.

And if you haven't read this series yet, I think its time for you to see it now and for sure, you can’t get enough of the Vincent Brothers.