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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
The Boy on Cinnamon Street - Phoebe Stone “Reni and Henderson are the only friends that I have in the entire universe. That includes all the millions and billions of solar systems and all the trillions and jillions of light-years and black holes and meteor showers that Henderson loves to talk about...”


A very heartbreaking story yet filled with a large dose of hope. Though the pretty and sweet cover does not speak to the depth of the book itself with its deep and dark subject accompanied with loss, survival and memories, this book would easily capture the hearts of the people especially the group that belongs to the middle ones.

First thing I feel as I started reading this is the uncomfortable sense of uneasiness. As the story starts, it also starts to show the readers that something wrong has happened way before Louise, the main character, comes to the realization of things and begins to enjoy her own young self. The whole story is full of clues that lead to what really happened before.

Thumbelina. That's what Louise renamed herself. This name fits her more than any clothes she could wear because she is rather short and she feels like she doesn't want to be herself anymore. Louise was gone for her. She helplessly felt loss and disconnected with things and people since the loss of her mother. She built a safe world for herself living with her grandparents. She gave up gymnastics and tumbling. She stopped seeing her old friends from her old neighborhood trying to convince herself that it’s better to stay away from her past and move on.

Louise is just a young girl who has a blocked memory, created a new life and finds the clues crumbling down at her. She is so adorable that I want to hang her up like a key chain. She was fun, open and honest despite of the things that has happened to her.

Though Louise centers the book, it also has other meaningful and amazing characters. Henderson and Reni are brothers and sisters whore are Louise's best friends. I loved them both for being supportive to Louise, embracing her to their own family and standing by her side as the truths reveal themselves to Louise. Reni makes me laugh the whole time, with her wild and enthusiastic behavior and her Justin Bieber obsession. God! She's just so hilarious. haha. Henderson, on the other hand, was dorky, adorable, fun, and absolutely positive in everything that is happening.

Boy on Cinnamon Street is a very short story and a fast-paced novel. It was very engaging and charming and adorable and very light to read. I easily find myself connected with its characters and greatly sympathizing with them. So, yes it’s very much adorable. :)

Reader's who likes Middle School Contemporary type of novels would surely enjoy this one!