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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
This Is So Not Happening - Kieran Scott 'I was in love with Jake. Whatever he'd done, whatever was going on in his life, however mad at him I was, I was in love with him. I could never kiss another guys wile we're together. I wouldn't do that to him.'

As soon as I finished the Second installment to this series, I was already waiting for its last installment since the second book left us on a very huge cliffhanger and the story just seems to be more and more complicated. I just really needed to know what would happen next and after acquiring a copy of it GAAAAA! I was jumping up and down around my room and immediately started reading it, taking aside other books that are lined up on my reading list. >:)


At last! They're finally together now. Jake and Ally are now back together after a wonderful and sweet summer hoping for a drama free senior year to come on their way. Until the day before school starts -- Chloe, the perfect, kind and the girl-next-door chick is pregnant and claims that Jake was the father. Hammond, Chloe's ex-boyfriend was pretty pissed of with his best friend, Jake and can't believe that Ally is still willing to stay with him. Ally, on the other hand is dealing with the fact that Jake had sex with Chloe, but as she's tired with being away from Jake, she's still willing to make it work knowing that Jake consumes most of his time with Chloe. But as Jake tries to come to terms of being a father and supporting Chloe through her pregnancy, will his relationship with Ally would still work?
As their graduation come, more drama and secrets are revealed. Will they all get through it? Will Ally and Jake get out of Orchard Hill to college still together?

Another ending to one of my most anticipated trilogy for this year. *tears* I still can't believe it’s over. It's like I've been reading Ally and Jake for a long time and now their series is done and I'm really sad to see it end. In fact, this series greatly remind me of the TV Series Gossip Girl, since it was also full of lies and drama and deceit. Things are complicated and even the characters are complicated.

I have done my review on the first two books and as I read those reviews again, I saw that I have a change of heart with Ally's character. On the first book, I saw her as very timid and shy but a very powerful girl and I loved her there. On the second book, I find her bitchy and always full of complaints with everything around her and now as I have come to the final book, I think I would have a change of heart again. On this book, I see Ally as another person, she is much stronger and trusting and mature. She believes in what Jake says to her and I could really feel the she is really willing to do everything to be with him. Her character really captures the mind of a teenage girl who's dealing with so much crap but still tries her best to not lose it. I idolize her for standing with Jake after all the he's been through and at times I really feel the hurt she feels when Jake forgets about her. I feel myself on the verge of tears because of this.

Jake, on the other hand is just wow. I don’t really know if I would love him or hate him. I love him for the fact that he is willing to support Chloe through her pregnancy. A 17-year -old teenage guy, I'm proud that he is willing to take his responsibility with Chloe. On the other hand, I hate him for the fact that he acted like a douche bag to almost half of the book. He just gets out of control at times and can’t control his temper. I didn’t like the idea that he seems to forget that he still has a girlfriend who also wanted a part of his time. Ally stayed with him even knowing he has banged her best friend. She stuck with him even he was at Chloe's call for month and she stuck with him even after he had became the loud-mouthed asshole from hell he has became. Anyway, at the end, I think the love part still has won. The efforts he has done and the apology he uttered to people he has done harm to was enough for me to love him again.

These two teenagers are not perfect and they admittedly do mistakes but the way they handle the situation they're with has been funny and awkward and admirable all at the same time. They just seem to be playing with their situation, that's why it greatly reminds me of Gossip Girl. And now I consider Jake and Ally one of my OTP. The author writes them so well that when something mad comes out, I'm awfully worried that they might not end up together. Their relationship has been put through a great test and watching them surpass those and grow into mature individuals and work things on their own was great and very much helpful.

The other characters such as Annie, Quinn, Gray, Chloe, Hammond, Faith and Ally's parents and the whole other that has not been mentioned make this more fun to read. Without them, the story of Jake and Ally would truly not be more memorable.

So, I guess that's it. *tears*. This book concludes the She's so/He's so trilogy. It was a story very much different from the first two and it was a story filled with much more unpredictable and exciting cascade of events. I loved how this story wrapped up. Yes, I'm expecting for more, but it left me at peace as I end it. I'm really sad to see this series end and hey, if you haven’t read this series yet? This might be the time for that. Enjoy heaps!

Oh and by the way, thank You Ms. Kieren Scott for this wonderful series. Maybe if you have time, you could write another trilogy with Jake and Ally on college. There's no harm in hoping. ;)