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One Moment - Kristina McBride
"All it takes is One Moment for your entire world to turn upside down. One wrong decision and it's over."

As a reader, I have a tendency to get attached to some books I'm reading. Being attached meaning I can't seem to stop thinking about its story and its characters and this book once again evoke that certain attachment to me. I never really expected this book to get this much of me, I was expecting something light and ordinary YA story. Instead, what I get is a story full of mystery, depression, sadness and the realization that all it takes is just One Moment to change everything around you.


Memorial Day was supposed to be one of those perfect days for Maggie - there's a party coming up and cliff diving on a secret hideout with her life-long friends - a prelude to the upcoming summer before they head out and become seniors. But then something went wrong. Something is really terribly wrong. She remembers climbing the trail to the cliff with her perfect boyfriend Joey. She remembers their last kiss. But why can't she remember what happened in the moment they were supposed to dive? Why was she crying and hiding and cowering at the top while Joey ended up below floating on the water dead?

So many questions and no answers have come yet. But as her memories starts returning in small snatches, they just lead to more questions and nothing seems to make sense anymore. And with everyone pressuring her to remember and share what happened, her friendship on the verge of collapse, and Adam, one of her closest friend, seems to drift away from their group, Maggie realizes she never felt this alone.


This is my first novel of Kristina Mcbride and I received a copy of it from net-galley. As I have said, I was expecting something light to read but instead I get a book which really curls and plays up my emotions - not that I'm complaining. Okay?

Maggie Reynolds, I liked her. She's a normal girl who was deeply in love with Joey making him the center of her world. She is pretty scared of heights that's why she never did the Cliff Diving thing her friends was really into. But with Joey urging him to try it just for once, she gather up her wits and climb up there with him. Until something definitely went off. She notices Joey is wearing a bracelet, something he has never done before. And that's when things start to fall out of their perspective. I really felt for her. I felt her as she struggled with her own emotions over Joey's accident. I felt for her as she struggled with grief and with realizing that Joey wasn't the person she thought he is. I really felt her sadness and loneliness and all other synonyms to those words.

Adam, Pete and Tanna. I liked them too. They're one of those characters I really wanted to be friends with. Though they may get some of their own moments at times at the very least they are still there with you especially in times of need and grief.

Now Joey and Shannon. I know I'm spoiling something when I put them together but hey! These two characters just for together like a jigsaw puzzle and it is up to you to determine their connection. ;) Joey is the Boyfriend. Shannon is one of Maggie's life long best friends. I’ll start with Joey, well, he seems nice and perfect and handsome and all that. But he can also be a jerk! I feel bad on how he treats Maggie, yes, he treats her like a princess but he just can’t seem to say his true intentions or feelings to her even though Maggie's feeling on the other hand was already out of the box. It just seems inappropriate for me like they we're just playing Friends with Benefits kind of thing. Then there is Shannon. She's just so horrible since the start of the story so I'm really keeping my ears up to her since the beginning. But as the story progress, I also liked how she protects Maggie from the things that could hurt her more since losing Joey makes her brittle like a glass. She treats her still as her very best friend not only for the sake of coping up with the badly things she did to her but also for the sake of their lifelong friendship.

I really find it hard to react more without spoiling you guys and I just can't help myself now, its really up to you if you would read this or not. If you just clicked this unintentionally, you still have time to back out or else you would have an extreme spoiler of the story! :)

So, as I have said, Joey can be a jerk at times but then he and Maggie have been together more than a year. So the big secret is that Joey is having an affair with another girl. Maggie didn't know this until the accident has happened and as the time runs, Maggie's investigation leads to some answers. So the girl which I'm not going to name is really going out with Joey for quite awhile now behind Maggie's back. But then, at the party they've been through at the prelude of summer, Joey saw Maggie dancing with another guy and that’s when things start to click on him. The thing the he really loves Maggie and not the other girl he's having a fling with. So he ends up breaking up with the girl and eagerly wanted to really pursue things with Maggie, until the accident happened. And it really makes me sad. With sad meaning weeping and snotting and stuff. I really hate how things have ended up for him. It tugs those little teary cords of my heart. :(

I really love books evokes a lot of reactions to me. I loved how they make me feel all things at the same time. A big hooray! for the set of characters presented on this book. Another thing that is likeable about this one is on how the story was told. It jumps between the past and the present telling the story of Maggie and her friends and the fact that once the twist was resolved and worked out it didn't ruin the story at all and would keep you wishing for more.

I can’t also help but notice some songs mentioned while I’m on the process of reading this. Songs that Maggie listens to since their group of friends seems to have a great love for music. But one song I can’t help but sing with them with is FarAway by Nickelback. Pete sang this with Tanna and Maggie while they we’re on their hiding place. That scene was just so heavy and it really makes me cry. It makes me feel sad about Joey and Maggie and it really suites their story. And now, everytime I listen to that song, it reminds me of this story.

Different emotions curled up inside me as I read this one. There was the sadness and loneliness, but mystery and adrenaline comes next and then hope and then that little happiness as I come to the end of it. It was a tough read but as I end it, all I gave was a little sigh of relief that at least it’s all done and everything is settled though the lost one can never come back again. It was well-written and very much enjoyable and would grip your from the beginning up to the end. The answers to the questions and mystery weren't a surprise; it would still get you hooked up. It also captures how teenagers feel about certain things such as love, friends, family and love.

In all, it makes me realize that the hardest part in losing someone at times is knowing that they weren't the person you thought they were. And each and every moment should be treated with great importance.

A very moving book indeed. Definite must read!

Thanks to Egmont USA and NetGalley for providing and advanced copy for review.