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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins At the sight of him, every egg in her ovaries leaped to attention and starts banging their tiny fists against the wall. 'Let us out, Parker! Now!'


Parker Welles grows up having a golden spoon on her mouth. Her family has always been filthy rich. So for Parker and her son, money has never been an issue. She's a successful author of a Kid's book and since money was never really their problem she donated everything she earned from her books to children charity. The one day, everything is juts gone. Her father loses the family fortune from an insider-scheme and now she is faced with very hard decisions.

With her son and her own trust fund gone like poof! It's time to fend for herself. All that was left to her was a little house located in Gideon's cove which she inherited from her Aunt and not really imagining how many works it would take before it could be sold. When her father's lawyer asks to go with her to the Cove, she's not that thrilled even tough he’s drop-dead gorgeous and knows his way around tools and carpentry. She decided to sign as a florist assistant and starts to find life as the way it is.


What's with me and Romance read these days? Not that I'm complaining or so, but I've been reading Contemporary-Romance stories for quite awhile now and I really find it funny. Yea. Never Mind me. :)

Here I go again with my sudden attraction with book covers. Honestly, I decided to request it on NetGalley because I find the cover nice and summery thinking well, its YA or stuff like that. At first I'm not really hyped about it and put this on reading hold, but I decided, what's the harm on reading this? And gosh! I've never been so glad! I'm really glad I've decide to read it. It was fun and hilarious and fun and just enjoyable. And as I finished it I take one last glance to the cover and caught myself smiling over the fact that the cover really makes sense. The cover is there as you read the story.

Parker Welles is one optimistic lady. I really adored her optimism when she faced the great trial her family has ever encountered. Since having a growing child, she wants nothing but the best for him. She was a really fun character. From the beginning you could easily distinguish her humor because at times she gets internal dialogues to herself. Another funny thing about her is the way she despises the book series she have written. I always thought that authors love what they write but in Parker’s situation it seems the other way around. She is one strong woman because instead of throwing fits over her misfortune all she did was stand up by herself and do everything she can at her very best to cope up with her misfortune in life. Another thing I liked about her is her good relationship with her son’s father Ethan. Though what they have was a simple case of romance, they didn’t even regret having Nicky on their life. Though Ethan is now happily married with Lucy, Parker's best friend, he was still always there for Parker as a friend, even Lucy his wife is still there for her. The easy going of these three really impressed me though the connection of them was really complicated. I can’t help but feel happy for the easy friendship they have.

The there's James Francis Xavier Cahill or Thing One for Parker. He was the lawyer of Parker's father. He's the type of guy that has a good sense of humor and moral and he is honorable and respectable. I also really liked the idea that he was always there for Parker and her family. He was there when Parker gave birth up to her child's baptism and birthdays and up to the last minute that he tells her that she's loosing everything. His sense of loyalty to Parker and her family was really promising. He feels indebted to them so he decided to at least help Parker fixed up what is left of her.

The constant banter between these two is really nice and funny. They're just both hilarious characters and even their dialogues lived up to my expectations. The love story between this two is not the main attraction of the story which is also nice. At least it doesn’t only focus on them and them alone. Its' also nice to see a set of great community in Gideon Cove, the secondary characters are pretty cool.

Somebody to Love is a sweet and funny romance read for all. It’s filled with witty snide remarks and dialogues that would surely make you smile.

Thanks to Harlequin and NetGalley for providing and advanced copy for review.