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Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe - Shelley Coriell Words hurt, whether whispered in hallways, written in frosty pink lipstick on your locker, or keyed in over pictures on blog pages. They knocked you over, pummeled you, and left you with a bleeding heart.

Queen of the Universe. That's Chloe Camden in the eyes of the people on her school - until after their winter break. She finds out that life becomes more difficult with her bestfriends not talking to her , the whole school avoiding her as if she is carrying an epidemic, the nasty rumors floating around about her and she's stuck in doing a project that she doesn't really wanted to do which is to help working on the school radio station which is on the verge of its collapse and run by people who are considered no-one on their school though of course one of them is achingly handsome and cute.

In and out of the job, she faces her loneliness and fears and comes out all better. Armed with a positive attitude, feisty grandmother, a group of supportive people of misfits, they all find the fun and joy in everyday life.


Most of the time, I choose what I read depending on how I see its cover for I think lovely covers also depicts good stories, but I could definitely assure you that it is not always like that, but on the case of this book, I guess it kinda lives up to my expectation. It is one of those books that already gave away atleast a part of what it is about and tells you that it is already a great one long before you pick it up. As for this book, the title and the old style microphone screams Radio to it and the cover model, clothing and fashion screams Modern High School thing, so with these things clearly pointed out on the cover we could say that it is something about Radio and Modern Teen drama thing. I guess, the cover didn't really dissapoint me, I actually loved it, its very enticing.

Chloe Queen of the Universe is one quirky character. She is cool, confident but still can come vulnerable at times. The time when she entered her school after the winter break and her BFF's treating her as if she's another piece of trash to throw makes me really feel sympathetic to her, it also makes me feel much more curious to what is the root of all these silent treatments and nasty rumors about her. Chloe's love for vintage shoes and Mexican food seems very nice for me. I could relate with her love for shoes, especially the vintage ones and when she goes describing those shoes I really wanted to snatch it right out of the page. haha. Aside from these two things, Chloe also loves to talk - very much. She is a chatterbox and often forgets to listen to people around her and she can get easily preoccupied with things making people think that she is self-centered which I would like to contradict because I think that she is just more self-involved rather than self-centered. I guess, there's a great difference between that two.

Chloe's BFF's Brie & Merce are two annoying characters. I just want to smash them both. They acted pretty childish on the issue. I know they really have the right to be mad at Chloe after the little pre-occupation she had during their Winter ball, but what they did to get revenge to her was much more extreme and much more unforgivable. I guess they are lucky enough that Chloe really have a soft heart for them.

Then, here comes Duncan. I really enjoyed the contrast between his character and Chloe. He is a quiet and very reserved guy which is the exact opposite of Chloe but it really surprises me that at the radio station he is the one who immediately connects with Chloe, though at times while reading it I'm thinking that he already knows her and already has a big-time crush on her or whatsoever. Also, I really feel hard to connect with Duncan, the story doesn't really tells something about him until the last half of it.And like in the middle of it, I kinda feel annoyed with him and want to knock the beejeesus out of him for not saying anything to Chloe whenever she asks him questions. He for one, should know that silence could do mean more and hurts more. Anyway, the relationship of these two was achingly sweet for me especially on how they both support each other during the rough and bad times they both have to face.

The other radio crew are also pretty awesome! They both have their own things to do and to say but I could say that Clementine is a definite stand out, with her continuos banter with Chloe. I also liked Haley and her 1930's movies.

Of course, not everything is quite good about this one. To be honest, I had a serious problem with the conflict between Chloe and her Bff's, I found the reason behind the rumors to be so minor and I really kept waiting for something more hard to drop. This BFF battle comprises almost half of the book and in the middle of it I just wanted to postpone reading it but I really do wanted to see how Chloe would do to her Radio stints and Junior Independent Study or JISP (which comprises its other half of the book) and that's what keep me hanging on on this story.

Best part of the story for me are Chloe's talk shows. They are just so hilriious even the titles “Chloe, Queen of the Universe” and “Heartbeats” are very very clever ones! She is a very entertaining host and I'm really fascinated with the technical radio stuffs stated in here. Her referance to her listeners as 'minions' and her continious banter with Clementin was freakin' hilarious and makes me smile the whole time and also while reading what she says to her shows, it seems very real to me, its as if I'm really listening to a real radio show.

In all, I think what really stands out about this book is it characters since I've spend many words giving reactions to them.lol, they may seem very stereotype but I think they are very plesant ones that I really wanted to make friends with all of them, well except Brie and Merce.

Honestly, I'm really having a hard time thinking if I really liked this book or not. I liked this for the fact that I do enjoy reading it but not until the half of it which I guess is a bad sign of reading for me. The first half seems pretty dragging and it does not really sinks in to me easily. But, if you are looking for another Young Adult okay read then you must never miss this out.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an advance copy for review.