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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Shooting Stars - Allison Rushby Josephine Foster or Zo Jo. The best pint-sized photographer of them all.

She is a sixteen year-old paparazzo. She loves the rush of snapping elusive shots of celebrities and because of her age and size, she's able to go to places and get the pictures no else can. She takes her job to another level by accepting a job that requires her to enter a retreat facility to keep an eye and get pictures of the famous singer and teen sensation Ned Hartnett, but she ends up discovering more about him than she expected. The money will be enough to pay for Jo’s dream: real photography classes, and maybe even quitting her paparazzi gig for good. Everyone wants to know what Ned’s in for. But Jo certainly doesn’t know what she’s in for: falling in love with Ned was never supposed to be part of her assignment.

Sharp. Funny. Charming and Light-hearted.

Shooting stars is a very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable read. With its good storyline, wonderful characters and emotionally engaging plot, this book definitely swept me off my feet. It gives us an idea on what's behind the life of a paparazzo-it even gives us some of their juciest secrets.

Jo is a very engaging character. She really has a big-heart toward people around her and other things. I really liked how the retreat affects her life as she knows more about herself. As the story progress, Jo also shows a great amount of growing up. The romance in this story is sweet and refreshing.

I really really loved the twist about half-way of the book! I really didn't see that one coming up! But it made the other half of the sotry more interesting.
So it turns out that the Ned Harnett that Jo is trying to steal a picture of at the retreat facility is not the real Ned Harnett. He's Ned Harnett's brother Jake. They very much look like each other that they could be easily mistaken for each other. Because of that its been easy for Jake to act as Ned Harnett. Now it's up to you guys to read why Jake acted as Ned. ;)

This story is full of heart-warming moments, humor, sweet-teenage romance and real-life problems. A very fulfilling story and satisfying ending!