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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Calling Romeo - Alexandra Potter Whew. I finally finished reading this one. I should tell you, this is definitely not an easy read. I find myself annoyed with it at times that i wanted to throw it away and never read it again. well,not literally throw it away.haha. But its just that i find it annoying thus making it hard to read for me. Get my point? Well right. Moving on.

The story revolves around Juliet. A lady with a decent job, decent life and a decent boyfriend. Will, Juliet's long-time boyfriend has seemed to be more absorbed with his work as a landscaper than playing as Juliet's boyfriend. He stands her up on Valentine's day and even refuse to accompany her on her company ball. That's when she starts to question, when did Will lost interest on her? She feel alone and sad. Then came a guy named Sykes appear in the picture, giving Juliet the attention and gestures that her boyfriend was forgetting to give her. And from then, Juliet finds herself torn between the old guy or the new one.

GAA! This is one excruciating looonnnggg story. I really find it hard to finish. As I've mentioned above i'm really annoyed with the main character Juliet, sometimes i find myself wanting to spank or slap her. ugh! Super face-palm for her and her misguided heart and mind. I kinda hate how she simply jumped her bones with Sykes knowing well the he is her competitor when it comes to work. But there is also a time wherein i pity this girl, just like when Will stand her up on Valentines Day. GOD! thats Valentines day! And any girl who get stand up by their boyfriend on that exact day would truly cause World War 3! But most of the time, i'm still annoyed with her. HAHA. Anyway, as for Will, he is the typical boy you wanna marry on a typical day. Well, he's just simple as it is. I like him for the fact that he really do love Juliet. I liked how he has realized his mistakes on their relationship and acted upon it as soon as he can with the best that he could.

As he said "I never stopped joking around long enough to realize you weren't laughing anymore."

But toward the end, i feel pretty bad for him, after he discovers something. My heart broke for him. For their relationship.

"And like a soprano shattering glass, Juliet heard something snap deep inside.It was the sound of her heart breaking."

This book also contains a good set of supporting characters such as Trudy, Juliet's best friend. She may seem to be a weird one, but she makes this story lighter and she definitely makes me laugh at times. Then there is Violet, their old lady neighbor. Well, she is the one that seems to open up Juliet and Will's heart during their hard moment. She may be old but the age of experience already teaches her a lot in life. Oh! And i almost forgot the other man, Sykes! Well, Sykes is the hot guy, flashy guy, designer clothes kind of guy. You get the picture. Well, you can't really blame Juliet for falling for his epic charisma. But remember, sometimes Looks could really be deceiving.

In the end, its an okay one. But I should say its not the kind of book that you would want to read over and over again because you would just feel annoyed and depressed with it. Though i'm not judging Alexandra Potter's writing skills on this one but, its just not as good as the first book of her that I've read. Well, i'm still looking forward on reading her other novels and praying its better than this. So okay. I'll stop now. :)

PS. Sorry for repeating my annoyed feeling towards this one. Just expressing my thoughts. :)