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Forever Altered

Forever Altered - D.J. Pierson There are cheesy and corny stuffs and there are cheesy and corny stuffs. You guys get my drift? I love cheesy and corny and cliché and romantic on a gradual dose but if it was given on a huge amount sometimes it will not work well.

The story started good for me, I’m going through it smoothly but as I reached maybe 45% of it, the too much sweetness that makes my teeth ache gets into me. There is definitely nothing wrong with Forever Altered, in fact it was a cute romance novel but there’s just something about it that kinda rubs me off.

Alyssa and Rocco's group of friends mingling with each other is a good part of the story. It's enjoying to see the camaraderie that this group has.

Hmm. I also find a bit of tiny loopholes through the story such as the mentioned former boyfriend of Alyssa with no name before Jeff who was abusive. Also, the importance of Alyssa's aunt and uncle wasn’t justified. We haven’t even seen a scene with them or what great impact they did life for Alyssa.

I think these added story lines would’ve been a great addition to the story if it was fully explored. These were added branches t the story that instead of bearing fruit it was cut off leaving us with nothing. I think except for her cheating ex-boyfriend Jeff, these additional stories seem pointless due to lack of further exploration.

The story has a great potential, a little bit of ticking would surely makes this extraordinary. As much as I love sweet and cliché stuffs, this just didn’t work well for me.