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Resisting Her

Resisting Her - Kendall Ryan I remember reading my first Kendall Ryan novel Unravel Me. I quite get the same feeling as I read this - The scenario where the protagonist did his/her best to help the other and ended up living with them and falling in love. The protagonists from Unravel Me and this one seems to have the same compulsion or urge which is to help the needy and of course the sudden connection is there like what happened between Ash and Aiden and in this case with Cole and Savannah.

Resisting Her.
That's FBI Agent Cole Fletcher's problem once he rescued an innocent nineteen year-old girl from a cult compound.

I really don't have any problems character wise. Savannah is such a sweet, motherly girl doing her best to take care of Cole after him taking her into his home.
Cole is the guy who always did his best to help people who are in need. I know it’s just coincidental but usually the people he saves are girls and girls to tend to be attached easily.

My ultimate hesitation to this book is the lack of action. Honestly, with the FBI guy description I was really expecting action somewhere in the book but No Nada! There's none. Maybe we can count the action on the bedroom? NOOO! The story focuses or deals more with the issues of the characters and the bedroom scenes. The insta-love/attraction is once again there. I was irritated by how the insta-love was potrayed here.

Resisting her was an okay read. Though it didn’t quite rate well as to the author’s other works I've read it would not be my last Ryan book; Will surely look out for the next books to come. ;)