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Unteachable - Leah Raeder
You can call it love, or you can call it free fall. They’re pretty much the same.

I really don’t know but I just have this certain need to put up that line as a front liner for my review of this book. I guess something about it tickles my hopeless romantic heart or it greatly reminds me of one of John Mayer’s classic song Free Fallin’ any of those reasons might be inconsequential but let me tell you that that very same line is a huge deal to this story.

I would not try to sell to you guys the blurb of the story since what is written on its Goodreads page is what is it and I don’t think my description would give enough justice as to how engaging and captivating this book has been for me. From the character, over-all story, movie sidelines, I think everything works out well for me.

The story’s subject is taboo and reeks of wrongness and forbiddances. But please, don’t let that stop you from reading this. Honestly, I’m not much a fan of such subject since most of the time it leaves me so conflicted; I’m also not a huge fan of stories with characters having huge age gaps. But guess what again? It all comes crashing back at me since these hesitations definitely turn into pros! The taboo subject lures me in that I even forgot at some point what the taboo thing about this story is and I even forgot the age gap as the story progress.

The taboo and age gap thing was easily removed from my mind due to the characters ways in the story. Yes, they know what they have was forbidden and the age gap will always be there but they act as if none of that matters. They simply melt into each other making me forget those hesitations about the said subjects.

I like Maise. I like her straightforward, no-nonsense, screw-up then moves on attitude. She’s the kind of character who learns from trial and error what with her alcoholic mother and absent father, she’s left to fend for herself. This is not the first time I encounter a character like her but she carries this certain uniqueness that makes her different from the other spunky girl characters I encountered; yes she seems to be full of her self but that’s what makes her different – she doesn’t let her insecurities and hang ups eat her up. She has her own issues and demons yet she owned it up.

Evan’s character is the tough act or part of the story. We didn’t get his whole story all at once making me hesitant to really trust him but one thing I’m certain is that he’s the kind of teacher that a lot of students would really have a crush on – he definitely has the looks and the brains. I’m amaze with his maturity yet how vulnerable and young he acted at times.

I admit, both Evan and Maise jumped into this relationship immediately but can we blame them? When all the attraction was there? I just appreciate the fact that they both wanted this. They both dive into this relationship knowing wide eyed the repercussions that may come. The minor characters Wesley and his mom Siobhan are definitely great additions to the whole story.

The story also touches the side of movies and movie making. The story was filled with movie references, making it, filming and different techniques. I’m honestly a movie buff so this added sideline to the story has been a huge plus for me. Every character on the book bonds with Movies – Masie wants to make movies like her friend Wesley while Evan teaches about film and acting and stuffs alike. And that mini-movie or video or whatever you want to call it that Maise made, well I wanted to see it and see if the written description of it would suffice the real deal. I hope someone would make it into a real one. It would probably be a hit for me.

The author’s way of writing was very much suitable for Maise as a speaker. The paragraphs of prose that embodied that story were so soothing to read. It was enticing and engaging and captivating and addicting. The mixed up elements of angst, genuineness and the mentioned poetic tone of the story was enough to keep me on reading this in one sitting,

As much as I love this book, my tiny qualm about this is that a lot of things happened all at once. A lot of back stories arise but unfortunately didn’t take up the much needed attention and action that I’m anticipating. The main line of the story I guess was the taboo part of Maise and Evan, Maise’s struggles with her mom and Wesley but the added situation with Gary and Hiyam seems to be out of place and wasn’t given enough place on the story. Although it seemed to take a huge part of the story, as a reader my attention wasn’t much invested into it because my attention was invested to the situations that I don’t know was headed or the one where Maise doesn’t have any control over like the front liner I’ve mentioned but with the last two I know that with Maise’s attitude she would find a solution to it.

Unteachable is a very strong book that would surely keep you up until you finished it. Don’t let the taboo subject stop you from reading this because there is really so much more from this book. It was quite a roller coaster ride and the author definitely made me sweat before I read the ending but it was all so worth it – an epilogue might be handy Ms.Raeder. ;)

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