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Hello Booklikes people. I'm Karla and I'm an avid reader and book blogger. Since 2011 I've been a member of Goodreads and been running up my book blog Reads and Thoughts.


For the past few weeks, I have read a lot of rants from my friends on Goodreads about certain issues with the said site and a lot of them said they will be spending most of their time here and since I want to get the latest hitch about books and my favorite reviewers I decided to create my own account and just now as I was exploring it I began to think of the awesome possibilities that this site could offer.


I'm excited and I'm nervous, starting a new blogging page is tough but the road will surely be enjoying. Hoping to chat and meet a lot of book nerds out there.



Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) - Abbi Glines Simple Perfection is simply a perfection.

Della and Woods' story was depicted greatly although their story itself was quite predictable however there is this certain twist and drama that totally left me unhooked, it was intelligently made Ms. Glines.

*Full review to follow*

Be My Downfall - Lyla Payne Be My Downfall is the best by far from this series – book cover and story wise. It has the depth with the complications and feels. It has the toughest set of characters. Though the storyline was already used plenty of times and the way things were settled was pretty abrupt for my taste, the overall story was tugging and beautiful.

Before I started reading this, I’ve undergone a thorough investigation as to whom this story will be about. I honestly can’t remember who Toby is from the previous books. I found his name on the first book (Emilie and Quinn’s story) and honestly he’s nothing memorable there so you really can’t blame me if I don’t remember a bit of him. And now, after reading Toby’s story Quinn Rowland and Cole Stuart who? lol.

Toby is Whitman’s resident Golden Boy.
Kennedy is Whitman’s resident hot mess and notorious party girl.
And they’re both going to be each other’s downfall.

I honestly adore Toby’s character. His character didn’t appeal easily into me but he has this certain charm that seems to seep in within me. He’s the son of a famous politician and belonged to an impeccable family – impeccable only on the outside because deep down they have their own skeletons at their closet. He’s a well developed character with a great emotional depth, emotionally vulnerable but not to the point of getting too sappy, analytical and honest.

Kennedy is one of the toughest characters I have encountered. She’s never sober and always with a different guy; She doesn’t have any close friends and doesn’t seem to think abut anything. She has the most twisted thinking and twisted life. She’s so lost with no desire to be found. Kennedy’s life experiences are tough; she has too much going on that I began to think that this whole story will be depressing or such but fortunately even though her story was indeed depressing it gives us an idea as to why she’s the way that she is today and why she has that twisted outlook in life.

Just when I thought it will be another story about the resident Golden Boy saving the Broken Girl, I was wrong. Be My downfall is simply not about that. Toby knows that he cant easily save Kennedy as to what she’s experiencing and he knows that no matter how much force he used on her to let him in she will not, instead he gave her space. Seeing their relationship develop is wonderful. There are a lot of back and forth between them but from the get go you should’ve known that that is how things will go for these two.

Lyla Payne keeps getting better and better into building this superficial world of these college students. I enjoyed every twist, turns and sweet nottings that this book offers. A highly recommended read!

PS. I’m getting intrigued with Sebastian. Will he get his own story Ms. Payne?

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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Not Pretty Enough - Jaimie Admans The thing about "Not Pretty Enough" is that it reminds us of those awkward, early stage of our teenage years; That certain stage where we are crushing on the cutest guy and will do everything and anything just to get him to notice you.

He's taller than every one.
She have bigger boobs that every one.
Are they really match made in heaven?

Chessie is okay. I liked her. She's good to her friends and her mom and I admire her guts to do those different harebrained schemes but at another side I just don’t get her. Yes, I get gaga over my crushes but not to the point of chasing after them and going to the lengths that this girl does. She let her heart ruined her reasoning. But even though there are a lot of annoying parts about her and her endless stream of schemes and most of her actions makes me raise my eyebrows I still find myself cheering her up into getting Lloyd.

Will Chessie do something that is not humiliating in front of Lloyd?
Will they end up together?

I was shocked and not shocked as to how Lloyd's character came out. Yes, I know something might be terribly wrong with him but throughout the story there wasn’t any reason given to me as a reader to think just that. It was pure gut instinct but I did get it right – he’s not so perfect after all.

The real bit down side for me here is that it seems that our main character, Chessie suffered a great amount of humiliation throughout the book. Yes, she did learn her lesson at the end but she didn’t redeem herself after all those humiliating experiences and things she has done. Too much humiliation is too much I guess.

Not Pretty Enough is unique and good. It’s a story for all young girls out there teaching them that they really don’t have to change for a boy. You’re perfect for just who you are. If you're into romantic-comedy teenage stuff, pick this one up.

*Advance copy kindly provided for review*
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Finders Keepers (Lost and Found, #3) - Nicole  Williams The Lost and Found series by Nicole Williams is one of those series that I’m keeping a track on. I'm honestly anticipating for each release. We have met the tough chick Rowen Sterling and the ultimate nice guy Jesse Walker on the first two installments of this series and yes we have encountered the dark, brooding and arrogant Garth Black during their story and now is the time to bring light on Mr. Black’s dark story.

I honestly loathe Garth on the first book [b:Lost and Found|17336849|Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1)|Nicole Williams|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1365394535s/17336849.jpg|24069906]- He was arrogant, mean and an all out jerk. Then book two [b:Near and Far|17937144|Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2)|Nicole Williams|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1369840456s/17937144.jpg|25147918] came in and Garth somehow redeemed himself by playing matchmaker to Rowen and Jesse ;) and also he make me curious about his story.

I know there is really more than meets the eye with Garth Black. Underneath the bad boy facade, is an emotionally damaged guy. One who only wanted love and acceptance from the only parent that he has instead of getting black eyes, broken bones and bloody nose. I long to see the sweet-charming little boy that he is before his dad broke him. Now, his default when someone hurts him or is bound to hurt him is to hurt them back – it’s his own self defense mechanism. He suppressed a lot of feelings – over his dad, his friends and over Josie. This guys makes me crazy like "I want to bang up some sense into him and give him the tightest hug" the next. His character is full of depth that it makes me drown at times.

Josie is just the perfect fit for Garth. She really knows him. She knows his dark and light sides. I want to give this girl a big hug for being so strong not only for herself but also for Garth and for never faltering in believing on him.

The development of their relationship was sweet; seeing glimpses of Garth mooning over Josie - awww. Josie and Garth’s relationship is a constant push and pull; back and forth. They are stubborn, proud and protective that even each other is having a hard time breaking the wall of the other. I utterly believe that their story is more than just a drunken mistake; it has its roots for there was a history and suppressed feeling from the both of them. It was not easy for this two; it was a roller-coaster kind of relationship where they have moments when everything seems to go smoothly then in an instant something will break lose.

"I wasn’t the guy who fell in love with you this past winter. I was the boy who fell in love with you that day on the school bus when we were five. And I'm the man that always will."

From Jesse and Rowen's sweet and deep thoughts, Nicole William lures us into the dark and sardonic thoughts and views of Garth. The author did a great job in capturing Garth's voice. My heart melted and broke at the same time for this guy’s life experiences. I love the history of Garth and Josie given to us in increments. I love every tiny bit of their bittersweet beginning and their little childhood notting and hints are very telling. Their history gives me those endless “awwww” moments.

Finders Keepers is an intense, emotional and bittersweet story. It has a nice mix of darkness, romance and wit. The title was really appropriate for the whole story! If you have read the first two books from this series you should not definitely miss out this one!

Always Enough (Ever Enough, #2)

Always Enough (Ever Enough, #2) - Stacy Borel I have loved Harper from the first book. I loved her straight-up attitude and her being an awesome friend to Emily. Now, here in Always Enough we get to see her own story. It was all okay. The plot was okay. Kyler and Harper was also both okay but something didn't work quite well with me. I'm expecting to see something new and different aside from the "girl-having-daddy-issues" and "falling-for-the-rock star" kind of twist. Adding a bit of authenticity and something new for the whole story could be better.
My Own Mr. Darcy - Karey White Mr. Darcy is one of the most intriguing classic character ever created. He was surly, dour, tall and imposing and pretty much an enigma so why a lot of women swoon over him? Why? That is really the question. I'm a fan of Pride Prejudice and okay I've swoon over Mr. Darcy from time to time coz guys like him are much more attractive but not to the point like the main character Elizabeth Barrett is.

Elizabeth is like every single woman out there, seeking to find her dream guy who just happened to be one of the most classical sweetheart, Mr. Darcy. Well, Mr. Darcy's world was set a couple of centuries ago so finding a guy just like him is a tough challenge. And Elizabeth's adventure in finding her own Mr. Darcy was indeed a challenge.

Matt Dawson is surly, dour, tall and imposing - very Mr. Darcy right? Well, his character didn't appeal to me much. I honestly didn't like him. Elizabeth may find some Mr. Darcy characteristics on him but for me - NO! He's pretty much rude and too moody and stuck on himself. I cant even feel his affections for Elizabeth.

Chad is so charming and adorable. His character was built to be very much likeable. He's far from Mr. Darcy because he has his own personality. I like him much more.

(Well, you see. The guys are on both extreme opposites.)

I like the story plot with its realistic dilemmas and realistic crafted characters. I just find it lacking a bit more action or kick. The story goes smoothly but a bit flat.

My Own Mr. Darcy is a wonderful spin to one of the most romantic stories. It is about following your dreams and heart. It was about finding the one even if you're not clearly looking and importantly it is never too late to change your mind - you always have a choice.

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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Letters To Nowhere - Julie Cross Dear Ms. Julie Cross,

This is the first book of yours that I have read and even though I was majorly lost with all the Gymnastics language used on this book, I like to give you a round of applause and a big hug and a huge thanks for giving me-us this awesome story. Now, I’m much more interested in Gymnastics – all those flips and turns and I’m Team Jaren all the way. Please give us more of them.


Your new stalker-er- fan - Karla


I don't speak the Gymnast language. Honestly, I feel so lost every time a word or a description about gymnastics is being narrated here, I mean how does a person do an "Arabian Somersault"?

The majority of Letters To Nowhere revolved around the world of elite gymnastics and all those unimaginable flips and turns those gymnast does but it also has a little bit of everything. There is grief, loss and heartbreak with Karen dealing with losing her parents and being an orphan. There is hope, when we get to see Karen strive to be better at her routines and school and just growing to be her own self and of course there is the romance part that very much suites my interest.

Karen has been training to be an Elite Gymnast for years but she's never been quite good enough for it. She is a very likeable character and she never did anything that is annoying! Yipee! I don’t get a brooding, rebellious orphan; instead I get an understanding, grieving and not at all exaggerated protagonist. She shows great maturity and growth throughout the story - she is not perfect and she embraces her imperfections well. The letters she makes not specifically for someone gripped my heart. It was all straight-up to the point and straight to my heart. Karen indeed made a great protagonist for this story.

The camaraderie between Coach Bentley’s gymnastics team with Karen, Blair, Stevie and Ellen was greatly shown on the book. Gymnastics is not easy as it looks and each one of them is going through a lot just to be good enough for what they’re aiming. They don’t have the squeaky clean history of friendship but I know their friendship was real.

The love story really suited my interest! It was not insta-love for god’s sake! I love the progression and those little encounters between Jordan and Karen. Their love was young, sweet, and innocent and there is this natural chemistry that flows between these two.

The story doesn’t entirely revolved around Karen, we also get to see the life of her co-gymnasts and her coach and his son's not the hugging kind of father/son relationship.

Letters To Nowhere is really a great story! I love everything about it (well except for the gymnastic languages). I cried, cheered, sweat, anticipate and join their failures and triumphs. The book feels so realistic and not a thing was overly done, even the phasing was great! All the elements are well mixed, the characters were all well-rounded and the story and world building was fully developed. The character’s voice was so strong and each dialogue feels like they’re all just there in front of me.

I know this one belonged in a series and I don’t know if the next book will still be about Jordan and Karen, but I really like the closure and the life direction that this book brought to our characters. Will definitely put the next book on the look-out.
Out of Line - Jen McLaughlin, Diane Alberts
They say the truth will set you free, but in my case…
The truth will cause me everything.

Hmm. Undercover stories. I honestly don’t know what to say here aside form the fact that it has a cliffy cliffy cliffhanger and that it was an okay read. Now before you guys go gaga and not read it until the next book arrived, I’m telling you that this first installment will surely capture your interest. The premise was pretty interesting if you’re into forbidden love of sorts.

Finn was great. His internal monologues make him a dear to me and he makes me laugh most of the time. He’s literally a guy with all the things that passes through his mind. His growing love for Carrie was also palpable throughout the story. Carrie was just as great. She’s a very giving person and I’m honestly relived to see that she’s not whiny and acts like a spoiled rich girl despite her status in life. She’s really a very charming character.

Insta-love paved its way in here. It was all attraction between this two at first but at some point I come to understand where they were coming from since I get to read from the views. The premise was good and pretty cute but it was pretty much typical and offers nothing that new to me. It also feels like nothing much happened. I was expecting something more but it was an okay read. I do hope that on the second book, a lot more things would happen. I know problems of epic proportions are bound to happen for the both of them on the next book.

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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What Endures - Katie   Lee Jason and Megan takes the meaning of a complicated relationship into another level. The trials these two faced – It was mind-blowing and definitely not easy to take. If its not something its someone who is trying to break these two apart. They say that love is sweeter the second time around, but on Jason and Megan’s case it was sweeter the third time around.

Car Accident. Memory Loss.

Now before you jump into conclusions on how cliche the story line might seem let me tell you that for several books that I have read that also goes along this plot line, What Endures is by far the most convincing to me.

Jason lost 15 years of his memories. It was not that easy. Aside from the obvious fact that he lost fifteen years of his life, he’s struggling with his family, his baseball career and his feelings with Megan.I like the way their story was written. Megan is the teller of the story but all through it I feel like I was in Jason shoe’s because I was also waiting for what will happen next.

The story takes us to the rough present and beautiful and sweet past. I don’t know why but the way the story was told grabbed me and I know I will be so into it. There is a process with Jason and Megan’s story – there is history, the first chance, second chance and the third. Add up to the fact that the author did a great job in conveying the memory loss part of Jason. Also,didn’t let Jason get his memory back because that’s the case of stories that I’ve read, they all regain their memories and it seems too unrealisticDespite losing his memory, Jason was charming and so much easy to like.

Megan and Jason and also Tyler are lovable characters. Its easy to get through their conversations and even the tough ones. There is healing on both Jase and Megan’s side.

What Endures was a sweet and easy read. Will definitely look forward to other works of this author.

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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If You Leave (Beautifully Broken, #2) - Courtney Cole I don’t like to compare things especially books, but in cases like same plot lines or comes from the same series sometimes you just cant help but compare them to others. If You Leave if the second book from Courtney Cole’s New Adult series and honestly comparison has been a huge part on me while reading this.

If You Leave stars Madison - Mila's older sister (whose story was told on the first book If You Stay). She is really a prickly character which I think is her defense mechanism to avoid being hurt after her unlikely childhood memories. After 4 years, she is still dealing with her parents’ death. She is a very conflicted character but I sympathize with her after what she’s been through but her overall character was disconnected to me.

Gabriel is the ’ blatantly, arrogant, scorchingly sexy, dangerous as hell with a rippling six pack and smoldering eyes enigma’ of a character who is dealing with his own trauma - PTSD. He has seen, felt and heard too much in war making him a very guarded person - in terms of everything around him. He does not let people in and not even talks about what really happened with him. He is haunted by nightmares from the war and unintentionally hurt people while he's in the between the state of sleep and consciousness.

The plot was paced evenly and the writing was good. Madison and Gabriel are two broken people who literally have been through a lot – mentally. I know what they’re going through is not easy but I guess the whole story is too dark and too tragic for my own likeness. Even though happy moments are inserted here and there but the whole things was too unsettling for me. Plus it seems like there is something quite missing for me on this story - the connection with both the characters.

The rainbow and butterflies part to the story was the inclusion of Pax and Mila on the story. I love their cameos on this story plus I also love seeing the "aftermath" story of couples from stories and seeing them build a happy life here was also a happy thing for me.

The other thing is that the author does a great job in giving us the deets about the realities of war. It gives us the ideology that no matter how strong of a person you are, seeing things that war brought could take great impact to your mental health. The story proved that it is not a weakness seeking help and relying on people in getting better.

"The good news is that fear is a choice. You can stand in front of it, punch it i the face and get on with life"

Overall, it was an okay book but the first one was still better for me. Too mucc emotional instability didn’t work for me, but it was an okay companion novel. Will I read the next book? I will.
The Boy Most Likely To - Huntley Fitzpatrick HOLY CRAPOLA! A SEQUEL TO MY LIFE NEXT DOOR!!


More Jase and Sam? A story of a different person perhaps?
Cover, blurb and release date - I need you pronto!
Stay with Me - Elyssa Patrick Stay With Me gives us the story of Caleb and Hailey; The former a regular college jock while the latter was a "famous" musician. It fits the exact model of the conventional New Adult story that I'm beginning to get tired of (but still continues to read); I like the story and it has its own plot line but it was less than what I was really expecting it to be.

Hailey is the "famous" musician whose life has been manufactured, controlled and has been lived as to what other people wants it to be lived and now she's done with it. She decided it was time for her to live her own life doing things she really wanted. Since she was pretty much used by everyone on her life, I understand where her trust issues originated.

However, Hailey’s whole character and personality seemed to falter for me. Though I don’t really hate her I don’t think she's also that interesting and she's supposed to be a "famous" musician right? But why can't I feel and see any star quality on her? And she walked away from the business without any repercussions? That easily? Where are the paparazzi? Her character was really not easy to understand and get into because there is little that is given to us from her past. I don’t know if the author has done that intentionally but giving us an eye view how Hailey’s past has been could make her "famous" life be much more understandable for us, readers.

With the influx of musician/rock star books, the partners of the hero /heroine most of the time comes as brooding and snobbish and of course attractive, but here we get to meet a fresh and genuinely nice guy with the name of Caleb Fox. Well, he was a nice guy and all but I also get this unsettling feeling with him thru the story coz just like Hailey I'm not easily swayed with his saying that “He just wanted to get to know her”, but fortunately his nice guy persona continued until the end.

The thing that keeps me from going into reading this is that I want to know Hailey’s issue/secret, but when it was out in the open I was honestly a bit disappointed. It was shocking okay and what she went through at such a young age was horrible but when it was put into the whole picture of the story it seemed to be out of place because when that issue was out on the open, no follow-ups were made. No elaboration. No talks on how she did get through it or whatsoever, so it makes me feel that that certain issue was dumped forcefully to the story.

Overall, it was an okay story. More depth and justification with the characters especially Hailey's and making the whole "famous" thing be more realistic would add more greatness to this book. I like the fact that the drama level was relatively low. There is drama here and there but it was fitted perfectly for the story. Will keep an eye to the succeeding books from this series.

*Copy kindly provided by the author thru Netgalley*
My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont, #2) - Heidi  McLaughlin Welcome back to Beaumont! So, I was browsing a celebrity gossip site as I was writing my mini review for this one and came upon this photo...


Jeans and Bonnet = check
Tattoos = check
Good with Kid = check
So you guys, really can't blame me if this reminds me of Harrison.
(Just imagine David Beckam that is into music. ;) )

My Unexpected Forever is one of those companion novels that literally stands on its own. It doesn’t live up to the shadow of how successful the first book - Forever My Girl - is for it has its own way of approaching the story, the whole plot was much different and has its won depth.

Two single parents. Two single souls.
Losing the past and new beginnings.

It's pretty much obvious that Katelyn and Harrison have this certain connection ever since they first laid eyes on each other. But reluctance lingers between them. Our guy was reluctant to act straightly on his feelings for Katelyn afraid that she might bring him down. While Katelyn was reluctant to give in on this connection because she has this certain guilt that its too early for her to move on from her late husband add up to that is the fact that Harrison was not the guy the people expected her to be with - rockish, big and filled with tattoos.

It was honestly a torture to see how these two deny the feelings they have for one another. But I consider it a good part since they didn’t immediately jumped off into the chemistry they have. Their relationship is a work in progress. Their story was brilliantly executed by the author. I feel every emotion that comes through them. The reluctance, connection and the emotions about losing a loved one, grieving, moving on and getting over that unease and guilty feeling.

Katelyn's character was greatly portrayed. Though honestly, I want to nudge her for getting Harrison’s feelings so confused. But I haven’t been in any situation similar to hers so I really don’t have the right to judge and on the other side I do felt for her. Her words are simply powerful reaching my heart. I like her making mistakes over the course of the story - losing her mind and being paranoid over things.

Harrison makes me sigh most of the time. It feels like whenever he shows up, he completes the whole picture. He is everything that I oh I mean Katelyn needs. He's everything Katelyn needs. Their goals in life seem to match just perfectly. He was patient, loving, kind, understanding, and great with the twins and it was obvious that he love Katelyn and importantly he came to Katelyn and the twins life not to replace Mason. I really like the fact that he knows his place. His character feels so surreal; he's the most understanding person! He makes me weak whenever he spends time with Katelyn's twin girls - from their banter to coloring sessions up to them playing instruments. He obviously has a powerful connection with Kids.

The children are one of the great parts of the story. Quinn, Noah, Elle and Peyton rocks! I know they will all be best of friends and I honestly can’t wait for them to grow up and have a story of their own! My Unexpected Forever also lets us see how Liam and Josie are and I’m telling you guys, there is a pivotal issue between the two.

Aside from the fact that this series is getting better and better, the characters are all so real and the issues that they carry are all so real. They’re not simple petty things that a normal person faces everyday. I was surreally real and I love the author for continuing in making it that way.

In all, My Unexpected Forever was a great companion novel to this series. Will there be more? I do hope so. But I will take whatever Heidi Mclaughlin will give us now. ;)
Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken This book ruined my tear ducts!
Sad tears and happy tears all mixed into one.

The feels, the tears, the feeling of not knowing what might happen next.Ruin is definitely far from what I was expecting - of course I was expecting a typical NA story plot but I was utterly surprised that this book was more on emotions. More on the feelings. It left me crying at every page. I feel sad and happy all at once while relieving my reading experience. Sigh.

I have seen several works of Rachel Van Dyken but haven’t gotten around in reading them. Ruin was the first book of hers that I get to read and honestly, it was surreally good. Expectation wise, Ruin was just another Contemporary story that involves Teens and their love problems and family stuffs but surprisingly, Ruin lead us to a very different path that surely did make my heart twitch a few times.

From the prologue to the first few chapters, I have this feeling of dread. The story started with a very gloomy feel to me. My instinct was telling me something was really not right. I'm honestly going crazy assuming things. I imagined a hundred different things that are wrong - I was preparing myself like that but nothing came close to what really is happening.

Wes was such a sweetheart. I love him from the start. The thing I don’t like about him is the fact that he always left me on the verge of crying. It feels like his every dialogue is saying goodbye and preparing for it was hard because even through the small amount of page I came to love him.

Wes and Kiersten was such a sweet pair; I was in love the pair right from the start. "The Lamb and the Wolf" nickname was honestly not that original but these two keep it to another level; I consider this one of the sweetest part. In all those romance, YA or NA the impending break up of the couples are always the hardest part to me but here I was overly terrified.

Is it such a spoiling thing to do if I told you guys that this will have a happy ending? I kind of wanted to have that pointed out to me even before I started to read this because honestly the mystery is killing me; the feeling of dread and the crazy works of my mind just about killed me. I’m easily affected like that. Despite the gloomy feel to the story, it also has its funny parts. With "The Lamb and the Wolf banters up to Lisa and Gabe's Mickey Mouse spectacle. It was downright hilarious.

It was on emotionally filled read - love, helplessness, joy, desperation and sadness but it was all so worth it. It was great, deep and powerful. Don’t miss this out guys!

PS.Oh and I don’t blame Kiersten coz if I was on her place I would’ve also counted Wes’ abs. ;)
A Graceful Mess - Nacole Stayton A Graceful Mess has a great story line however some things or issues left me a bit baffled. I think that the root of the whole story and the reason behind Parker and Grace's meeting was left at the backstage because the underlying issue with Grace's former sweetheart took up the center stage of the story. I just thought that the issue with Grace's real father should have been given more exposure since its the real reason os I should say the start of the whole story.

Plus I need more convincing with Grace and Parker's relationship.

*Full review to follow*