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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Girl on Tour: 2 (Kylie Ryans) - Caisey Quinn I have this little theory that when it comes to trilogies, the second book is always the crucial one. The one where all the stupid, struggling and not so good things will be dumped - any books from any genre seems to fall under this theory and Girl on Tour is also like that. As I started reading it, it brought a huge sense of unease to me. Unease over the fact that I smell and hear an air that something will about to be wrong and a huge shoe will be dropped. I keep thinking to myself that no matter how hard I prepare for it I will still be surprised on how things will turn out and wowza, I definitely got it right!

Girl on Tour jumps off right where the first book ended. As much as I want not to mention it but I think it’s relevant, this one is not all about the rainbows and butterflies of the relationship of two amazing artist. Yes, the story started out so good but as it progress things get rough and hard. This does not have the happy ending just like what we have on the first book. Both Trace and Kylie have their issues - they faced a lot here but the time is not enough to finish it all.

Kylie was still the same strong and thick as nail girl I have met on the first book. The girl who fights on what she really believes in and fight for who and what she loves. She's passionate and talented and driven. This book shows us a side of her that is vulnerable. From the first time I met her I know having a career is what she dreamed for so long but Trace is the detour for all of it coz she wanted him more than any other.

We find Trace here once again fighting his own demons. I love him and I hated him. His action at the end of the book crushed me yet I understand him.

Trace and Kylie’s relationship was still on the "honeymoon stage" and who am I to not get so happy and wish the story would just stay on that forever but with a lot of additions for the both of them lots of good but mostly not so good things begin to arise - Long distance relationship, conflicting schedules, media and paparazzi and of course the never ending rumors and of course their own personal demons. The love is definitely there with them but for their relationship to work it needs time and a lot more effort but with them still struggling with the newness of their relationship they’re both having a hard time with it.

The writing is so smooth. It feels like a lot of struggles came for our two characters but the author did a great job of not jumbling everything all of those. Plus the song lyrics written on this book make me still wish that they were real songs.

Girl on Tour was twice of a roller coaster ride!! It has a bittersweet ending. Do I wish things would have ended differently? Yes, of course! Because I wanted them both to be happy but nonetheless the way Caisey Quinn ended up this book is fitting for the journey of Trace and Kylie and I'm not complaining about it. I have a feeling that the third book Girl in Love will definitely rock!!