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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Keep Me Still - Caisey Quinn Wow! I totally have a huge book-hangover with this story!

I have read Caisey Quinn’s, Girl With A guitar - I liked that story but not as much as I love Layla and Landen's story! I still have a wild case of hang-over even though it’s a day ago that I've finished reading it. I keep replaying different moments from the story. It was just beautiful and heartbreaking and I just love it! My review might not do justice on how beautiful this book is for me, but I will surely do my best to impart with you guys The Feels I have over this book. ;)

I had the chance to get the special edition of this book which includes the novella Let You Leave. The novella let's me know first hand our characters

One second things can be perfectly normal and the next it can all be torn to shreds. Destroyed, ripped apart and broken. Like Me.

Layla - sweet, self-destructive, damaged and broken. I feel this girl's every day struggle, she's been through a very tough life yet people around her treats her very unlikely. On this novella, I get to understand her situation, her illness and issues.

Landen - new kid soccer/football player with a bad attitude. Of course he has his own Louis Vuitton baggage he carries and he's still fighting the every day demon of his life but he is definitely one of the most genuine and sweetest fictional guy I’ve ever met add up to those are his strength and determination in doing what he thinks is right.

The story also let us sees how these two fall in love. Yes, their relationship progress quickly but you just know when it was right, right? The understanding and chemistry between them is there. I love their drives to and from school, the milkshakes, cherries, and the homecoming invitation which definitely tickled my romantic at heart side – everything is so sweet and refreshing with these two, well honeymoon stages and all right? But it’s not all rainbows and a butterfly for them because circumstances happen, people leave and moving on is somehow mandatory.

The novella tells so much for just a few short pages, it accomplished a great deal of harvesting emotions in me. I was literally heartbroken by the ending and if I didn’t know that it was the novella I was reading, I would’ve cried a bucket full of tears more. But fortunately the story proceeds with the main story Keep Me Still.

Layla is now finally off to college and the last person she expected to see (after 8 long months without further communication) on her campus was Landen - the guy who left her. With my enthusiasm to read more of their story, I'm immediately hooked from the very first chapter. They struggle in figuring out what to do about each other and their relationship and the secrets they are both carrying around after not seeing each other for the past eight months.

Her development from the Layla on the novella to Layla on the main story was huge. The girl we see there and here seems to be two different people. She grows not only for individually but also socially and also grown into me. I really like her character. Yes, she has her flaws but her goodness and my sympathy for her makes me blind for it all.

This story is not all about drama and emotional stuffs, it definitely has its laughs especially when Corin and Skylar are present - friends from college. These two are great additions to the story.

This book totally blew me away! From the family dramas, emotional trauma, coping, falling in love, second chances, first times and feeling broken - Caisey Quinn captured it all wonderfully. Do yourselves a huge huge favor and don’t let this one pass for your eyes to read!! The sequel novella Hold Us Close will come out soon and I just can’t wait - November please comes soon.