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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick A bad and slow start doesn't always guarantee an overall bad story.
It was indeed a bad and a slow start as I start reading Dangerous To Know and Love, I can't seem to get the grip as to where the story is heading and I cant connect to the storyteller. Luckily, the author didn't drag the mystery and it was disclosed immediately and the paced picked up and maintained through its succeeding pages.

Dangerous to Know and Love gives us a beautiful story laced with love, acceptance and passion.

I'm saying this to sway you all people to give it a chance and read it pronto! You see, the story was in a college setting but I was surprised to see that it didn’t reek of that college cliché stuff I was expecting, plus the angst and the teenage drama was not overly done. Aren’t you interested now?

First Impressions will do you no good with the set of characters from this book. Lisanne and Daniel took me by surprise!

Lisanne was the type of character that we usually see that always has this certain magnetism with bad-boys - she's a virgin, and doesn’t like to socialize and is a nerd, nothing so new right? But as I see her get through the story, I see a side of her that is too good to be true because despite her lack of experience with relationships and stuffs like that, we see how strong she could be despite all the downfalls and trials that she faced. She accepted and lived up to what she believes just to be with the person that she wanted to be.

Daniel was the bad-guy who is dangerous to know. He has a reputation of being the go-to-guy when people need drugs or stuff alike. He has this one goal in life which is to keep people at arms length. But there is so much more going on with this guy - so much more than the jerky attitude he's showing to all people. I was blinded by his dark attitude during the first parts and honestly didn't like him, but as I get to know him, he owned my heart - well maybe not totally because of his continuous wallow on self pity coz of his situation which I utterly understand. But despite that he totally surprised me with is overall capability.

I love their journey together through Daniel’s life issues and different struggles and Lisanne’s own downfalls. I never thought that a bad boy acting like a jerk all through out the first half of the story would warm my heart and brought tiny flecks of tears in my eyes. And the girl who I thought was another typical college-naïve girl will be the source of all the strength holding Daniel.

With all its scientific aspects and explanations about Daniel’s situation, I could say that this was a well researched book with lessons spread through its pages. The information this book gives us is enough overview as to what the characters are going through - things are handled averagely not too much information neither it is lacking. It gives us readers enough dosage of what we never thought we needed to know.

I was just a bit lost to the transitional parts as to whose character is speaking in a chapter. It was not indicated who's speaking in a certain chapter that sometimes I can’t easily move from one speaker to the other. But story wise, everything was okay. The plot moved slowly but as I've said once I get into the heart of the story, I can’t get out anymore.

A surprisingly touching story about fighting, love, determination, and acceptance; It was a long story but so worth the read. Give it a chance to get hot into your hands before deciding to not continue reading it because it was definitely worth reading.