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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Inevitable - Angela Graham Dear Angela Graham (the author of this book),

I’m sorry for this impending drama but after the vulnerable state you've left me with that kind of ending, when will be the next book? Are you now accepting reviewer copy requests? Because I'm telling you, I'm still broken with it all and wanted to have that happy ending. Oh, and please tell us its coming soon.

Me, that is willing yet unwilling to wait for the next book. ;)


As early as now, I'm telling you there would be a definite cliffhanger here, but don’t let that stop you from reading this awesome because cliffhanger or not, Inevitable is one surprising and worth it read.

Inevitable blindly attacked me. Just when I thought I’m just about to read another ordinary contemporary-romance story, I was presented with a warming story that did catch me. It was a definite hit, a three-point shot and a home run for me reading this.

I definitely love Cassandra. From the get go, I harbor this certain likeness for her and fortunately she did not fail me. She’s real and raw; knows her limitations, her strengths and weaknesses. Her moment of weakened with her ex has now passed and getting her own life back in track is her goal. She's a one of a kind heroine that never fails to amaze me with the choices she made. I idolize her for always seeming to make the right ones.

Logan is the mysterious yet cocky new neighbor that Cassie has. He's upfront from the start that he's the no-relationship kind of guy; in fact he may even come as a man-whore. But you can't help yourself if you fall right? Plus his kid Oliver is such a cutie! He's this four-year-old guy that seemed to be too mature for his young age. The only issue I have with him is that it seems like he lack a certain quality that I can’t quite point. Maybe the author just forgot to mention that he’s more. Yes he's a caring dad and brother, responsible and stuff but what more? He mentioned that he’s no relationship kind of guy so what could offer to Cassie. Even though at the end, he tried to salvage his reputation, I just can’t easily accept it. I just need more justification and proving.

As Will Cooper said, 'Death. The only inevitable thing in life', but now I know that that is not the only thing that is inevitable, Falling In Love is another thing that is inevitable in life. Logan and Cassie are fighting it, but as I’ve said, when you fall, you fall right?

Hilary and Caleb, I really thought that the next book would be about you two, but I was wrong. They’re both good friends to Cassie and seeing them be together is such a sweet addition to the story. Maybe we'll get to see their story soon but for now, let’s focus on Logan and Cassie. ;)

Just when I thought I'm reaching the end of it all, I was surprised to be brought on with a huge, epically heartbreaking and gut wrenching cliffhanger, hence the reason for my letter to the author above. I can't believe it. I've read this thinking that though it belonged in a series, I’m hoping that it’s the kind of series where the next books are about a different set of characters but boy I was so wrong that's why I'm so not prepared for the way it ended. I honestly need and crave for the next book now.

I have no disappointments in reading this book. Wonderfully woven story that literally makes me crave for me. You really do hit me Angela Graham!