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Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials - Rosalind Wiseman
Best friends turn to "frenemies".

This is what Charlie experienced with her supposed to be bestfriends. After what happened to their friendship, she couldn't wait over to start High School and transfer to Harmony Falls where she plans to reboot her life.

Starting a new life at a new school seems to be exciting and nerve-wracking for Charlie, but on her very first day she'll learn that you simply cannot outrun the past. Now, faced with people from her past such as a bestfriend turned into hunk and a girl she terribly got wronged, she learns that running from the past would do no good for you, she learns how to blend the old with the new and make life out of it. She meet boys, joined the newspaper staff and makes some real girlfriends but amidst it all, she would still face many challenges such as jerky varsity boys and a prank that definitely got wrong...

Okay! So, this is really one hilarious read for me.

Charlie was very engaging to listen to. Her character was pretty real and pretty absorbing as well, as I start reading it, i suddenly felt like i know her yes. I know its kinda weird. I really liked her character. Her determination to do things and how she copes up when her past suddenly come running toward her. I also enjoyed seeing her grew up as the story progress. Her two girlfriends, Sydney and Nidhi really did a great job in keeping Charlie's trains of thinking. They are both pretty smart and sassy. They are always there to keep Charlie happy and supports her all the way.

I'm really a fan of bestfriends turned love relationships, that's why I really do loved Will and Charlie's relationship in here. Their love story is very believable and they're just simply perfect. The doubts and insecurities of both the characters gives more push to the story. I find their story so interesting at I actually find myself grinning at times when they are together.

It was a light and very fun read though it touches on deeper parts of life. It was pretty amazing to read stories like this concerning what most teens experiences these days. I pretty much liked it.

I could say that I'm definitely at a good start with Wiseman's stories.:)