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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Crossing - Stacey Wallace Benefiel 'He stole her lipstick and her heart'

I never thought that that opening line of this book would mean so much more than - definitely so much more! Plus this is one of those rare times that a story definitely leaves me somewhat disturbed and a bit skeptical. Crossing is not your generic Contemporary story. At first, I thought it was just that but I was definitely wrong. It deals with more prominent issues that I was honestly not aware of until I have read this.

Will the chubby girl gets the cute guy at the end?

Dani is our chubby heroine with body and social issues but usually brush it away by giving self-depreciating jokes about her. She's sarcastic and witty! I understand her shortcomings but sometimes it gets too much and with Liam telling her sweet nottings her insecurities wouldn’t go away and it’s eating her up in a not so good way. Her background wasn’t much explore which has its pros and cons - con because I wanted to see where those short coming and insecurities of her came from; I'm looking for some history. The pro to this is that the author did a good job of at least balancing out her past and focusing more on the present pressing matters.

Liam was also okay but I didn’t get quite a connection with him. I guess it was because of his too deep and reflective character - I don’t know. But I do like how he challenged Dani.

The way these two met has me really smiling. And their interactions make me giddier about them. I like how Liam keeps up with Dani's attitude - sarcastic wit or not. Their relationship starts of normal - sweet and slow building - but once you got to know it all and the beans are spilled I thought their relationship was really not normal at all - it was unique and if it works for the both of them - lets just leave them at that.

As I have mentioned on the first part of my review, the certain twist of the story left me somewhat disturbed and skeptical. It's hard to put into words and describe the twist without spilling the whole juice but revealing it would mean so much so I will just do my best here. I really had no idea what was really coming, I honestly have no clue - well I have ideas of sorts but it was too far away. I'm honestly not familiar with the lifestyle that is presented as a twist to the story. It was unique which makes this really stand-out for me I guess. The story serves as an eye-opener for me for the lifestyles that is presented – maybe I’ll find a time to Google and get to know more about it.

If you wanted to see something fresh and something new you should give Crossing a try. It was a story more on the side of acceptance, overcoming fears and self discovery.

PS. Oh and the chubby girl did get the cute guy at the end. ;)

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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout As Daemon said, And the proverbial poo hit the fan. Meh. I was once again faced with an action packed story with a very unbelievable ending. If Opal left me bitterly crying over the end, Origin left me breathless, panting, and unbelievably begging for more. JLA strikes me again with her witty banter, awesome awesome plot with its roller coaster twists and of course the sweet romance.

Could we talk about the cover first? Holy Crapola! Daemon is honestly killing me with his smoldering look! It totally fits the whole "I'll burn the world to save here" theme. And honestly, that cover was enough reason for me to buy my first paperback copy of the Lux Series. ;)

Daedalus, Origins, Hybrids, War and Baby Daemons.

Origin starts up where the last book ended. Now, I'm honestly left crying over the last book so I was keeping all my fingers crossed for Origin to get back on its track and make my feelings stable and fortunately that was the case coz Origin is by far the most action packed among the Lux series!

I find Origin different from the other books on this series (in a very positive way). First, because it was told on the alternating views of Daemon and Kat; And these characters shows so much growth on the story. I get to see Daemon’s great devotion to everyone he love. Also, his snarky bad ass side makes quite an appearance here. It seems like with every book, I get to love him more and more and more but a little side not to this is that I can’t help but also hate it at times. I hate him for his sweet and simple words and ways with Katy. I want some Daemon Black! Lol. Kat is tougher and stronger. Yes, she's facing a lot and she's a bit broken but the way she doesn’t lose hope and fight off everything that she can makes me like her all the more.

Archer was fantastic character added up to their team. Even though I thought he would be a triangle to Daemon and Katy, I began to love him over the course of the story. He's different and you all would get to see his uniqueness throughout the story. He's quite an enigma and figuring him out was the best part here.

Origin opens up a window and lets us all know more about Daedalus and their goose bumping plans. While Daemon is on the midst of rescuing Kat, Kat is alone with them. It was honestly nerve-wracking and panicking to read the first parts of the story where Kat was on their hands but I can’t help but also love the way the author extends the tension to its readers. JLA makes me feel like I’m Katy for I’m torn if Daedalus was really the good or the bad guys; if we should trust them or not. It was all convincing.

The phasing of the story was great for the story itself. It never gets boring and slow for me because the whole time I was reading it, I'm filled with great anticipation. Plus each turn of the page gets me different reactions. There are certain parts of the plot that I totally saw coming but it doesn’t erase the fact that it’s all still good for me. The ending isn’t a cliffhanger but it left me a bit disturbed and I know for sure it was a really big thing. So the wait for the final book is totally to die for.

From the back to back to back action and fast paced plot to the sweet and sensual relationship of Daemon and Kat, Origin is definitely the best to this series yet. It's a must read to all Lux fans out there. Origin is a preview of what I know would be an exceptionally good finale and finding the end game was really killing me. Happy Endings are bound to happen, I know that Ms.Armentrout. ;)
Untitled (Sea Breeze, #5) - Abbi Glines It’s always nice to play catch-up with a whole bunch of fictional characters! Sometimes it lasts was like a great reunion for the whole See Breeze Gang.

Before proceeding, I want to explain that my 2 stars rating denote that this book was an okay read but not totally bad. The only bad thing here is my feelings because this is the first Abbi Glines books that I’ve given 2 stars.

Cage and Eva's story ended on a very nice note on their first book [b:While It Lasts|13496738|While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3)|Abbi Glines|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1332261619s/13496738.jpg|19040270]. Now, I was satisfied with how that book ended but of course I can't help but also crave for more thus me being excited for the continuation of their story. Unfortunately, I was not so happy with how things go on in here. It was not that bad but I can't help but scratch my head and roll my eyes.

Upon reading the prologue, I was surprised with the whole setup and even find myself thinking "What the sheesh happened?. From then, I get the notice that somewhere along the book Cage and Eva's relationship will be strayed but knowing the reason why definitely didn’t work out for me. It was too shallow of a reason. The relationship of these two was strong and I don't know any trust issues that lingers with them have but the thing still happened.

I don’t know whether to like Eva or not here. She’s hot and cold most of the time. I do understand that maybe it’s from stress and anxiety but I just can’t place her throughout the story. But one thing I do like is how her relationship with he father was captured here. Cage is more vulnerable here and we get to see his sweetheart side.

The rainbow I saw on this book was the pretty sweet proposal of Cage to Eva *singing "Hey Baby, I think I wanna marry you"* plus we get to see the whole gang again as I have mentioned.

Sometimes It Lasts was an okay read but definitely didn’t wow me like the other books from this series. Still, I'm happy Cage and Eva find their piece of happy ending.
The Forgotten Ones - Laura   Howard Who would’ve thought that New Adult Contemporary could be well mixed with Fantasy?

The Forgotten Ones, started with a complete contemporary feel to it introducing us to our main character Allison with a schizophrenic mother, living with her grandparents, have a load of friends and a huge but hidden likeness to one of her guy friends - a definite contemporary feel right? Up until a new guy came and a whole lot of other mysterious things happen and the fantasy part starts.

This is a story about faeries. I may have read a book or two about faeries but I honestly cant remember any of it (I'll do a quick recap of the books I've read at some time and see), but I could say that I like the world building of this book. I love the mystery, the magical world full of mystique and wonder and danger. I love how the magical people were made - they’re all beautiful yet dangerous and powerful. It was easy to go through the D'naan world; the gloomy feel to it was super fit to the whole plot.

This story does not have a huge group of characters at first - before the fantasy part begins and the fairies start being introduced we also got to know Allison's friends and family; giving us the feel of the normal world before we were warped into another one.

As a daughter who has to take care of her schizophrenic mother, Allison is extremely mature and felt like a real person. She is very dedicated not only to her friends and family but also on her work and studies. The very good thing I like about her is the fact that even though she has a love interest in the form of Ethan, her world does not revolve around him. Even though we get to see her balance her family, work, studies and personal life it just all prove that she is one strong of character.
Ethan was also great. He's cocky and sassy but also sweet and very much understanding of Allison’s problems.

Individually, Ethan and Allison were good but together? I just don’t know. Well, the chemistry was definitely there but sometimes their connection is just not there – it feels non-existent most of the times. Yes, they have their sweet and joking moments but everything left me with nothing to hold on to.

The other struggle I have in reading this was the Gaelic names of the fairy characters. I really like the Irish descent and it was fun and unique but honestly, I had a hard time remembering and pronouncing the names!

In all, The Forgotten Ones is a good read - fantasy and romance mixed into one. I'm pretty much interested on what would happen next with the story and its characters. Will definitely look forward to the next book!

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Girl on Tour: 2 (Kylie Ryans) - Caisey Quinn I have this little theory that when it comes to trilogies, the second book is always the crucial one. The one where all the stupid, struggling and not so good things will be dumped - any books from any genre seems to fall under this theory and Girl on Tour is also like that. As I started reading it, it brought a huge sense of unease to me. Unease over the fact that I smell and hear an air that something will about to be wrong and a huge shoe will be dropped. I keep thinking to myself that no matter how hard I prepare for it I will still be surprised on how things will turn out and wowza, I definitely got it right!

Girl on Tour jumps off right where the first book ended. As much as I want not to mention it but I think it’s relevant, this one is not all about the rainbows and butterflies of the relationship of two amazing artist. Yes, the story started out so good but as it progress things get rough and hard. This does not have the happy ending just like what we have on the first book. Both Trace and Kylie have their issues - they faced a lot here but the time is not enough to finish it all.

Kylie was still the same strong and thick as nail girl I have met on the first book. The girl who fights on what she really believes in and fight for who and what she loves. She's passionate and talented and driven. This book shows us a side of her that is vulnerable. From the first time I met her I know having a career is what she dreamed for so long but Trace is the detour for all of it coz she wanted him more than any other.

We find Trace here once again fighting his own demons. I love him and I hated him. His action at the end of the book crushed me yet I understand him.

Trace and Kylie’s relationship was still on the "honeymoon stage" and who am I to not get so happy and wish the story would just stay on that forever but with a lot of additions for the both of them lots of good but mostly not so good things begin to arise - Long distance relationship, conflicting schedules, media and paparazzi and of course the never ending rumors and of course their own personal demons. The love is definitely there with them but for their relationship to work it needs time and a lot more effort but with them still struggling with the newness of their relationship they’re both having a hard time with it.

The writing is so smooth. It feels like a lot of struggles came for our two characters but the author did a great job of not jumbling everything all of those. Plus the song lyrics written on this book make me still wish that they were real songs.

Girl on Tour was twice of a roller coaster ride!! It has a bittersweet ending. Do I wish things would have ended differently? Yes, of course! Because I wanted them both to be happy but nonetheless the way Caisey Quinn ended up this book is fitting for the journey of Trace and Kylie and I'm not complaining about it. I have a feeling that the third book Girl in Love will definitely rock!!
Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage First things first, I was surprised to say that this book is not the kind of book where the characters hook-up and fell-in love by the end of the first 3 chapters. This is not the book where the characters think only about attraction and sexual tension. Price of a Kiss may have its similarities with your typical NA story but the way it was written and conceptualized makes it unique. Honestly, how many times do you get to read a book about a gigolo and ending up loving that gigolo? The author did a great job in pulling off the intriguing blurb for she presented one amazing story.

The Prologue of the story was powerful enough to introduce us to Mason. It gave me a good understanding on why thing are the way they are before the author brought us to the present time. When the first chapter cam, I can’t help but feel intrigued and anticipating on how things would be and so the twisting story of Mason and Reese starts.

Reese is the perfect contradiction of a character – she’s bubbly and feisty; innocent yet mature. She’s a very likeable character especially her non-stop internal monologues that definitely endear and makes me laugh. From her first conversation with his cousin Eva, she captured me with her humor and sarcastic remarks.

Mason Lowe - the guy who has the face that seems like the angels sprouted around him and began to sing harmonious worship to his glorious face. But he’s more than just a pretty face because he’s our resident gigolo and I’m telling you guys he does not have any payment plan or something where his prices are reduced for the lower income which means he's a big time gigolo. ;) As I have mentioned, the prologue tells us about or lets us see why he has to be a gigolo and honestly it tears my heart to see that he can’t be like any other teenager and have a normal relationship coz people think he’s not normal or anything because he was labeled as gigolo; he’s stuck is a very rock and hard palce. But the admiring thing about him is that he does not let people’s judgment of him ruin his whole life. Mason is intense, admirable and an excellent brother to Sarah – who has a cerebral palsy. He’s utterly sweet with her and became more of a sweetheart whenever he’s with her.

Excellent chemistry is a must and Mason and Reese definitely has it. From the very beginning I wanted them to be together but the author make me work hard before I reached those happy parts! Their conversations and banters are my favorite parts. Their relationship is tinged with great and genuine friendship and the anticipating tension is of course there.

The story is full of angst, drama and the air of forbidden love of sort. As I have mentioned; I like the writing and conceptualization of this book. It has a lot of twist and turn - some expected some or not but it built up greatly for the book. I like how the author did a great balance with things on her book - there are different types of scenes making it diverse for me - from the funny, sweet, intense, mysterious, fight and steamy scenes - it’s all present here.

I'm one satisfied reader! Will surely be reading more from Linda Kage.
Unafraid - Melody Grace Summer has been long gone here in Manila but Melody Grace’s books still never fail to make me feel all summery even when the storm was hitting our city. We’re now back to the magical (Yeah, well it seems magical now for me. Couldn't be much more different from Disneyland) Beachwood Bay, North Carolina – where the summer is awesome, people fell in and out of love and for some magical/unknown reasons they reunite and fall madly in love again.

The boy who will inherit the world and the girl with nothing.

Unafraid shifted to Emerson Ray’s younger sister Brit – the spunky girl with an attitude we have met on the two previous books. She was raised by her big brother and was mostly used on being on her own. She uphold a certain and not so good reputation to the small beach town community – she wears provocative clothes, dyes her hair, works at a bar and hook-ups with whoever. She’s a rebel as you can get – a rebel who can’t get over the town’s golden Boy.

Hunter was one of the so-called golden boys of the small town – Handsome, charming, wealthy, and untouchable. He has the world at his feet and comes from a good family background and his parents hopes hat he would follow his dad’s footsteps in running their company.

Chemistry wise, it’s really there and it’s really is potent. I came to understand the source of Brit’s attitude – her insecurities and naiveties. Hunter also has his own demons to face. Seeing them conquer each of their own demise was a great picture to watch. I like Hunter’s determination with Brit and Brit’s determination in getting Hunter back. Well, what can I say, they’re both really determined.

As ever, I love the summery feel of the story. Melody Grace never fails to capture the whole summer thing with her smooth writing. It’s easy to get sucked in to Brit and Hunter’s story. Plus we get a cameo from Jules and Emerson! In all, it was a pretty sweet story. Super easy, fun and fluffy read.

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Keep Me Still - Caisey Quinn Wow! I totally have a huge book-hangover with this story!

I have read Caisey Quinn’s, Girl With A guitar - I liked that story but not as much as I love Layla and Landen's story! I still have a wild case of hang-over even though it’s a day ago that I've finished reading it. I keep replaying different moments from the story. It was just beautiful and heartbreaking and I just love it! My review might not do justice on how beautiful this book is for me, but I will surely do my best to impart with you guys The Feels I have over this book. ;)

I had the chance to get the special edition of this book which includes the novella Let You Leave. The novella let's me know first hand our characters

One second things can be perfectly normal and the next it can all be torn to shreds. Destroyed, ripped apart and broken. Like Me.

Layla - sweet, self-destructive, damaged and broken. I feel this girl's every day struggle, she's been through a very tough life yet people around her treats her very unlikely. On this novella, I get to understand her situation, her illness and issues.

Landen - new kid soccer/football player with a bad attitude. Of course he has his own Louis Vuitton baggage he carries and he's still fighting the every day demon of his life but he is definitely one of the most genuine and sweetest fictional guy I’ve ever met add up to those are his strength and determination in doing what he thinks is right.

The story also let us sees how these two fall in love. Yes, their relationship progress quickly but you just know when it was right, right? The understanding and chemistry between them is there. I love their drives to and from school, the milkshakes, cherries, and the homecoming invitation which definitely tickled my romantic at heart side – everything is so sweet and refreshing with these two, well honeymoon stages and all right? But it’s not all rainbows and a butterfly for them because circumstances happen, people leave and moving on is somehow mandatory.

The novella tells so much for just a few short pages, it accomplished a great deal of harvesting emotions in me. I was literally heartbroken by the ending and if I didn’t know that it was the novella I was reading, I would’ve cried a bucket full of tears more. But fortunately the story proceeds with the main story Keep Me Still.

Layla is now finally off to college and the last person she expected to see (after 8 long months without further communication) on her campus was Landen - the guy who left her. With my enthusiasm to read more of their story, I'm immediately hooked from the very first chapter. They struggle in figuring out what to do about each other and their relationship and the secrets they are both carrying around after not seeing each other for the past eight months.

Her development from the Layla on the novella to Layla on the main story was huge. The girl we see there and here seems to be two different people. She grows not only for individually but also socially and also grown into me. I really like her character. Yes, she has her flaws but her goodness and my sympathy for her makes me blind for it all.

This story is not all about drama and emotional stuffs, it definitely has its laughs especially when Corin and Skylar are present - friends from college. These two are great additions to the story.

This book totally blew me away! From the family dramas, emotional trauma, coping, falling in love, second chances, first times and feeling broken - Caisey Quinn captured it all wonderfully. Do yourselves a huge huge favor and don’t let this one pass for your eyes to read!! The sequel novella Hold Us Close will come out soon and I just can’t wait - November please comes soon.
Exposure (East Park #1) - Iris Blaire Ridiculously Fun!

Exposure gives us another unique twist given to the New Adult category of stories. We got a sexy magazine setting people! It was really fresh and original and with only 150 plus pages the story really revolved and the characters are all fleshed out and well introduced and built.

However, the whole story was pretty fast-paced and the ending feels rushed - everything just seems to be thrown altogether just to pack up the whole story. Could've been made longer instead of putting everything all at once.

So why only 2 stars? Well, it was just okay for me. There is really nothing wrong with it and I did enjoy reading it; its just that I'm still looking for more - I was looking for that something. Will still look forward to the continuation of this series and hopefully, that one would be much longer and not rushed. ;)
Faithful (Wanted, #3) - Kelly Elliott With the way Kelly Elliott ended Saved, how could I resist not reading Faithful? With that kind of ending - I think nothing can stop me and the funny thing I just realized while writing this is that no matter how much I rant about this or that about this series, I still keep waiting for the next book to arrive and watch how the story of these group of people would unfold. Yes, Me = Great Contradiction.

Car crash.
A lost Memory.
Fighting for her man.

With the glimpse of Josh and Heather's story given to us at the end of Saved, who would’ve thought that that could get more drama-filled and complicated? Well, it is a Kelly Elliot novel so drama for sure is there. After watching them struggle with their feelings - living like the earlier stage of Ari and Jeff – I want nothing for this two just to simply work things out and they both deserve a good break unfortunately fate has its own plan when it comes striking in a form of car crash, lost memory and the ghost of a bitch ex-girlfriend.

A question though, did Josh and Heather got their infinity tattoos? I think it was not mentioned. Hmm.

Drama, drama drama! Hormones, hormones, hormones!
This story is still filled with those and everyone seems to be getting pregnant and please correct me if I'm wrong the girls are not even 22 or 23 right? It just bothers me in a weird way. Just when things go smoothly another bump will pave its way and I don’t know why I’m not even prepared every time those bumps came - I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or bit the shit out of my e-reader.

The thing that makes it much better for me is that the whole gang is here - Ellie & Gunner, Jeff & Ari, Brad & Amanda, Josh & Heather plus their whole load of family. Each one of these people mentioned has their own chapters told in their perspectives which is great for me since that is the very first time I encountered literally multiple POV'S plus the way it was written was all so intact with the characters telling the whole story. Faithful is Josh ad Heather's story but we also get a peek into the lives of the other couples and people related to them. We get to see their individuality, relationship and family expands.

Individually, Saved was still my favorite but Faithful definitely matched up to it because we get to see everyone here. I could say that this series is getting better and better. The foundation is already building for the whole story making it much more realistic.

In all, it was another roller-coaster ride of a story for the whole gang. Scott and Jessi’s story is up next. Do I still need to say it? Well, I will still look forward to it for sure.
Stripped - Jasinda Wilder A virgin stripper - a contradiction right?

The striking cover and blurb makes me fall in line with the other waiting for it. The first Jasinda Wilder book I have read [b:Falling Into You|17448960|Falling Into You (Falling, #1)|Jasinda Wilder|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1363055080s/17448960.jpg|24333050] left me wanting for more making me excited for her upcoming books but I don’t know, I don’t know what happened here. All my expectations with this book seemed to crush.

The ”Virgin Stripper” contradiction and the ”The student stripping away to pave her way to college” was a very unique plot for a story. It’s a new twist of story for me but I guess it doesn’t lived up on how I was expecting it to be – I was expecting it to lean away from the typical flow of the New Adult stories but when the Preacher's daughter, virgin, sheltered, innocent meets movie star, gorgeous, sexy, hot was mentioned that’s the moment I know that things will go definitely as the other NA stories goes and it was tad disappointing. Everything comes out predictable and cliché and was done EXACTLY as to how others are done.

Another thing is that lot of things should've happened but it feels like it solely focuses on the romance part of the hero and heroine forgetting all those miniscule info on the side of it.

Details like Grey's relationship with her parents and It doesn’t seem to give us a glimpse of Dawson's personal life.

I made a habit of not easily judging books (especially NA) when I haven’t reached the end of it hoping that somewhere along the way something new would come out of its story and reading Stripped is not any different; I’m honestly keeping my fingers crossed that maybe somewhere beneath the pages something unpredictable would come out but No-Nada.

Character Wise – I have no problems with them. Grey was a character that is pretty much easy to understand. The circumstances that brought her into stripping and the desperation she felt in needing money to stay in school. She’s a very strong-willed woman! Dawson on the other hand was such a sweet guy. His character was a contradiction. The chemistry between these two is undeniable and I like how the author gives us a description of them as raw as we can get. The little thing here is that things progressed quickly for them that I find myself questioning why Dawson is even attracted to Grey immediately. Well, nvm.

Overall, in was an okay story it just didn’t work that well for me – too much romance I guess. But this will not keep me from reading Jasinda Wilder’s other works, will surely still look out for it.
Virtuosity - Jessica Martinez A pretty interesting triangle:
A girl, a boy and the violin.

I really don't have any connection with instruments of any kind. I love listening to music but that's it - I don’t know how to make and read it. I don’t know why I never learned. Sigh. Virtuosity is a simple story that is very inspiring and affecting. It has romance, struggles and determination. Yes, it has the makings of a very predictable story but it was overall interesting.

Our protagonist - Carmen is unique, different and very much easy to understand. She is far from normal because of her day to day norms and her extreme talent in playing the violin. Her shyness and struggle with stage frights was both enjoyable and empathic to see. Her development thru the story was well described and handles greatly by the author.

Carmen has a pretty interesting relationship with her mom a relationship that left me baffled. At first, I have a gut feel that Diana might not be treating her good but after a couple of chapters, I find myself understanding Diana but after another chapters or so I finally see the darkest side of her - a side that holds the leash to her daughter making me realize another awesome thing the author did on the story which is making the step-parent the loving and understanding one. It was really endearing to see Carmen's step-father be the loving and caring one because mostly step-parents come as evil as they can get on some stories right.

Jeremy was charmingly awkward. He enters the story as very reserved and confident but as we go one his vulnerable side starts to come out. He's not only a great competition for Carmen but also a great love interest.

Virtuosity's plot is as simple as we can get but the author has this certain way that gives the readers and adrenaline rush, throwing plenty of surprises and twists and tunes. The path on the way to the completion is where all the fuss happened and I really mean a lot and every single one of it leaves me at the edge of my seat. I love the unpredictability of it.

The ending was a bit open but its good to see that the author leaves both the characters in a good place leaving us readers to think how these two would’ve ended.

Virtuosity is not simply about music or achieving success thru it. It’s about a strong-willed girl shaking off her naiveté giving in to confidence and growing up. It was a simple tugging story!
Silver Heart - Victoria  Green During their younger years,

She's the one with the ideal life ahead; the girl who always knows what her next step would be; While He was trapped in a world of unpredictability and hurdles.

At the present time,

He was the one who made it - achieved his dreams and so sure of his next and every move while She was left to do the things that her parents want her to do.


Ahhh. Winter setting! I love the snow, the hoodies, snowboarding, lodge, and extreme activities. Silver Hearts definitely hits one of my favorite settings! Plus the whole atmosphere of the story was so fitting for it.

The characters on this book are all okay except for the fact that I can't help but feel oh so frustrated with Dylan! Well, I really can't blame her for always doing what her parents wanted her to do but even for a single time why can't she stick up for herself? Sigh. But I do commend her for taking the path thru her self discovery, independence, strength and her love for Sawyer. She was not perfect but you could clearly see the effort that she’s making to get thru it. (Take that Dylan’s parents!)

Sawyer, on the other hand, despite all the rocks that life has thrown on his way, he made it. He achieved his dreams and is now not hesitant with life for he has his control over it now. He’s sweet, good, flirty, funny and one of those famous people who are never arrogant.

I love every waking moment that these two are together - their connection is really there. Plus the whole 'Silver Medal' thing that Sawyer uses for Dylan was too sweet. Their relationship has acceptance, support and understanding even after years of not seeing each other. I like how the author lets us see glimpses of their past and how their relationship/friendship works then.

Another thing is that the whole story doesn’t stand on too much drama and angst so it was a refreshing thing for me since I think I've already read too much of those to last me a lifetime! There are some miscommunications and misunderstandings here and there but things are not so heavy.

A little side not though, I wanted to see how all the confrontation between Dylan and her parents happened. It seems like the story only toched a small bit of it but seeing the confrontation throughout as to how her parents would truly react would’ve been nice.

It was an easy and simple contemporary/NA read. Definitely suits my mood since I've read during one of those rainy nights here in Manila. It was a poignant and hot and the lack of too much angst and drama is so refreshing.
Smash Into You - Shelly Crane I’m a fan of Shelly Crane’s Significance series so knowing a new book from her will come out I can’t help me to gush and wait for it!

As a self-confessed romantic-at-heart, I’m a firm believer of coincidences, destinies, soul mates and stuffs like that. That is the very thing that makes me love the author’s Significance Series – it’s about destiny and finding your soul mate and this new story from her Smash Into You surprisingly has the same ingredient as those – coincidences and soul mates! Jude and Marley are like two old souls just waiting for the right time to smash into one another.

I’m a firm believer of coincidences, destinies or such ,yes its my romantic-at-heart side that is talking but I love stories that goes along that way and it was a great surprise for me to see that this story was a story that is full of coincidental and destiny things. Jude and Marley are like two lost souls whom I know were just waiting for the right time to meet.

Smash Into You started great to me. I love how the characters are introduced – the broody-guy-on-the-run meets the sweet and carefree heroine. They literally smash into each other – or rather their cars smash into one another – and that’s when they continuously bump into each other over and over again. Sounds like your typical New Adult story right, and it’s nothing new for me since I’ve read my fair share of those types of story. But wait there’s more…

When the ghost of our hero’s past catch up on them, that’s when things start to twist. Honestly, I was half-hearted about this certain twist that author has brought up to the story. Well, in a sense I just find it too weird, it seems like it comes out of nowhere! I’m just freakingly weirded out by the whole revelation and I’m honestly bothered by it even after finishing the story and I will not get tired of saying that it was really a weird transition.

But despite me being weirded out by it, I give kudos to the author for twining this twist in a very nice way to the story. It was great build up to the story – you know something big is going to come up and it just comes popping out in front of your face. You will definitely find yourself asking as to why Jude is on the run and whom he was running from. Wovening this on Jude and Marley’s story seems to be fitting enough for them. I guess this would’ve worked for me if I’m not eaten enough by the weird thoughts at first.

At first, I find nothing so different from the characters. Jude was the typical ass-bad/playboy who loves girls, booze and parties while Marley is your typical sweet, good girl striving to finish school type of heroine – nothing new with them right? But once we learn about who they really are that’s where the real story revolves – we get to see Jude’s life with his mom and his life growing up and how he was left all alone to fend for himself and move on to every place just to survive. While Marley was the girl who was left by her mom and transferred to different foster homes until she’s left to fend for herself. But when the world’s way work it would definitely worked coz by the end of it all we find out that these tow are not too stranger to one another – there are a lot of strings attaching them to one another hence me describing them like tow old souls waiting for the right time for them to smash into one another.

So I like the characters and the certain twist would’ve been great if I was not weirded out by it but another thing that I find questioning is why did Jude chose just this moment to face the people who are running after him? It s a long time to wait maybe he’s jus waiting for someone like Marley to push him but I can’t help but think: “After years of running, Why just now?”

Smash Into You was a deeper, bigger and much filled with mystery and suspense it was another sure smash hit for Shelly Crane! I hope she continue to write stories with destinies, coincidences or such – it makes me feel like I’m not the only who’s a true blue romantic at heart. ;)

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Juilliard or Else - Nichele Reese Just like Abigail, since I was a child I’m fascinated with ballet – with their graceful moves and colorful dresses. I think, my dad even sign me up on a ballet class when I was about 5 or 6 but I really don’t know what happened after that since that certain memory was 95% hazy to me now. He-he. Anyway, now guys, you see what brought me into reading this one – it’s the concept of ballet added up to a very intriguing story.

The rich girl ballerina with Bulimic problems.
The deprived tattoo artist with Drug dealing problems.

Well, those two statement sums up this story. Eye-roll inducing right? Well, it really is But, I don’t really want to judge it basing on that. The story has its pros and cons and let me dissect it for you guys:

Let’s start with the pro, well the characters Gabs and Tucker felt very real and they’re pretty engaging character. Gabs, even though belonging to a high social status she’s pretty much down to earth making her easy to like. She’s unquestionably naïve and the only bad side to that is she gets a bit needy and clingy at times.

Tucker on the other hand, was one of those characters that are tough to figure out. It’s a good thing that since the beginning for the story we know who Tucker really is – the bad side was first introduced to us but since then I know that he has a heart of gold and simply wanted the best in life.

The con that I find here is that there is too much drama and angst on the plot. When you think it through a lot really happened - with their inner self problems, parent conflicts, third parties and so on and so forth. I think toning down the angst a drama could do so much more. But I do appreciate the twists and turns that the story brought. Just when I thought I could see well what was coming I suddenly bumped into a wall leading me into another unexpected scene on the next page.

Oh and I just want to say Kudos to the author for tactfully writing about several topics that are too sensitive like eating disorder and drug dealing. Despite the too much drama, those sensitive issues are well handled.

Overall, the setting and characters were fine with me the too much drama just throws me off the hooks. Well, it was not a perfect read but it was okay.
Keeping Her - Cora Carmack I'm one of those who are eagerly waiting for Cora Carmack's new releases and Keeping Her was no exception to this. It was too short for my own liking. Why novellas do always eats me up like this? I know I'm not the only one who was left wanting for more!

This story is such a tease yet it left me contented with Bliss and Garrick's story. It shows Garrick and Bliss’ visit in London. This story greatly shows the growth of this two into their relationship. What started out as a simple friendship with attractions and complications now grown into something more - so much more because they’re both now on their way into tying the knots.

The story doesn’t only let us take a glimpse of their life together but also opens up a new chapter or an unseen chapter in Garrick's life such as why he really end up moving to the United States and the state of his life in London - which is really far from the way he lived in the United States.

For a novella, I like that the author made us see this stage of their relationship in both their perspectives. It's hilarious to read Bliss' internal dialogues and insecurities and awkward, witty and charming self. And also Garrick’s anxiety with meeting again his parents and seeing his friends in London and is it just me or his sweetness seems to skyrocket here more?

It was short, sweet and very nice! I would’ve said that I could not ask for more but I do wanted to see more of Garrick and Bliss maybe soon so I guess for now this will be enough.